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File: Dominos10-23-08
I am a long term Bongos2 addict and...
Posted By: neoprussian
I am a long term Bongos2 addict and was forced to Dominos with 3.0.2 .. (much like being forced to drink instant coffee) I like the mod overall, but have some issues with it so far. 1. How do I make the bars 'unsticky' ? ( the padding option only goes 1/2 way to adressing this function in B2 ) 2. The pet/posses bar issue 3....
File: Bongos210-23-08
Re Dominos / Bongos2
Posted By: neoprussian
I used Bongos2 until 3.0.2 .. absolutely the best bar mod ever imo I am now using Dominos as B2 is very broken under the new patch. PLEASE fix Bongos2 .. many in my guild are now using Dominos We find that after Bongos2, Dominos is like changing to instant coffee.