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File: AlphaMap12-08-08
Re: I think i find the error
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Originally posted by Docfrogg Hi, I think i found the error in the alphamap.lua: Open alphamap.lua with an text editor (i use notepad++ for this) and go to line 4340 (you must be see this here: " and ( setting("mainmap.enable") ) then " ) delete the THEN ( so you see this: " and ( setting("mainmap.enable") ) " ) donī...
File: LightHeaded10-29-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: LH Lag
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Originally posted by Cladhaire And you haven't been reading what I have been saying. I don't care if you think the ONLY addons that are "quest related" are the ones you have listed. I have the same page flipping problem and have not figured out which addon is causing the problem yet. A work around till you figure it out is t...