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File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-10-11
Originally posted by Snowhawk Pla...
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Originally posted by Snowhawk Plaguewood Digsite Just got this digsite, blobid is 60444.
File: Very Mobile Frames10-19-10
While you are at it... Squire2 and...
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While you are at it... Squire2 and Postal are adding buttons to the titlebar as well. Squire2 @ curse Postal @ wowi Screenshots :: http://www.sariash.de/screenshots/wow/Squire2-titlebar-button.png :: http://www.sariash.de/screenshots/wow/Postal-titlebar-button.png
File: Fubar - BadgeFu08-13-08
Tried 4.01 too now... no change - a...
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Tried 4.01 too now... no change - as soon as I zone BadgeFu is substracting all badges I have ... everytime. ps: Tried (unintentionally) the warning feature again, seems like I didn't wait long enough in my first test. Got the warning now after around 2 minutes I think (right when my hearthstone cast was finished and I had to fly...
File: Gotai's Instance Timer08-11-08
Nice little addon. Small suggestion...
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Nice little addon. Small suggestion: how about some report functions (party, guild, whisper... | report chosen instance records, report all records)?
File: Fubar - BadgeFu08-08-08
I try it, as soon as I have time fo...
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I try it, as soon as I have time for some heroics this weekend. Not sure when thats happening :-)
File: Fubar - BadgeFu08-07-08
unfortunately no change with the la...
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unfortunately no change with the latest version for me... still substracting the number of my badges on every zoning event http://www.sariash.de/sunrise/wow/ui/screens/BadgeFu2.jpg
File: Fubar - BadgeFu08-07-08
Thank you, I think I finally figure...
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Thank you, I think I finally figured out what was happening. Great, updating BadgeFu right now and purging the old savedvariables. I'll report back if the problem persists.
File: Fubar - BadgeFu08-07-08
For me the BadgeFu tooltip looks li...
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For me the BadgeFu tooltip looks like this, after two days of use. http://www.sariash.de/sunrise/wow/ui/screens/BadgeFu.jpg Seems like its substracting all badges every time I zone, and is either using "deleted" or the last item link for the entry that went through my chat. I'm using the enGB client, two other guildmates installe...
File: ButtonFacade_ItemRack06-23-08
You missed the "Set Button" (no ide...
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You missed the "Set Button" (no idea how to call it, the button that appears with alt-left click on the character model in the character screen) aka ItemRackButton20. I just changed "for i = 0, 19 do" to "for i = 0, 20 do" here and the button gets skinned.
File: Ghost: Pulse03-18-08
Originally posted by Footrot and...
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Originally posted by Footrot and implements the suggestion to optionally display the text with each alert. Thanks Footrot, fast work (couldn't read the text with my scaling of the icon anyway) :-) cu Sari
File: Ghost: Pulse03-18-08
Message Toggle?
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Nice replacement for the outdated (but working) Jim's Cooldown Pulse. There is just one little thing annoying me ... the textmessage in the middle of the icon (and the textbackground of course). Would love an option to toggle it off. Thanks in advance :-) cu Sari edit: ah forgot it - the option to use sounds through LibShar...
File: DoTimer06-15-07
3.2.5 going nuts with mobs of the s...
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3.2.5 going nuts with mobs of the same name/level for me too, see screen http://www.sariash.de/sunrise/wow/ui/screens/dottimer-bug.jpg I'm sure I only casted corruption on every mob 1 time ;-) edit: small correction, seems that bug has nothing to do with identical mob names/level ... happens with different mobs too
File: Simple Soulstone02-12-07
Re: ..
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Originally posted by ngollon Actually, "/sss show list" should toggle the display =) ups, my bad ... that you get if you try addons at night instead of sleeping ;-)
File: Simple Soulstone02-11-07
When using it as a FuBar Plugin the...
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When using it as a FuBar Plugin the built-in display is redundant... the FuBar tooltip is enough, I can detach it if I want it visible at all times - so an option to disable the display is really missing. Had to hack some SSS.display:Hide() lines into the code to get rid of it right now ;-) Nice work though, I replaced SnaFu with...
File: ArkInventory02-01-07
After getting an error with 1.31bet...
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After getting an error with 1.31beta, I tried it on a clean WoW (temporarily moved interface/wtf). Still getting the same error - appearing when trying to open the inventory : ArkInventory\ArkInventory.lua:2005: attempt to index field 'item' (a nil value) ArkInventory\ArkInventory.lua:1178: in function `BagScan' ArkInventory\ArkIn...
File: ShardAce01-24-07
ShardAce isn't knowing "Master Heal...
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ShardAce isn't knowing "Master Healthstone" with Improved Healthstone 1/3 ... ItemID 22104 :: http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=22104
File: Bongos201-09-07
* Added the option to bind keys dir...
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* Added the option to bind keys directly to the spellbook What is the chance, that you might add the same feature for the macros and for items? Could bind the key when mouse is over a macro button in the macro interface or over an item in the inventory (I fear that has to be coded for different inventory mods though?) ... and make i...
File: Bongos201-08-07
Have no middle-click too (doublecli...
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Have no middle-click too (doubleclick set to the middle button on my mouse, a habit of me since 10 years or so). But, i read Tullers "Also try and read the using Bongos portion of the new description" advice and voila ... "To hide or show a bar, unlock bars, then middle click or shift right click it." ;-)
File: Cartographer: Scribe01-06-07
Nice notes that way (better than th...
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Nice notes that way (better than the yellow raidicons all over) ;-) One thing though, could you make it that the panel hides/shows when clicking on the notes. Like its with the BossLoot Panels on the instance maps. I don't want the panel there all the time.
File: Sorren's Timers12-26-06
Thanks for some bar customization -...
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Thanks for some bar customization -- would love if you add font size too. And btw, please change the minimum bar height to 14 or lower. 16 is too big (all my other candybar mods are set to 14 height and I want them to match each other optical)
File: Ludwig10-10-06
A friend made me a small perl scrip...
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A friend made me a small perl script, to convert kc_items sellvalues to Ludwig_Sellvalue.lua If anyone wants to use it: http://www.sariash.de/sunrise/wow/ui/kc2lud.zip For those without perl installed, I zipped up the .lua that I got now (with 6,9k prices) :: Ludwig_SellValues.zip
File: Ludwig10-08-06
Nice little thing... switched from...
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Nice little thing... switched from KC_Items to Ludwig, kci was too much -- is anyone able to share some Ludwig_SellValue saved variables? Starting with zero sell values, after a really big kci database is a pain ;-)
File: Bongos208-27-06
Re: pet bar problem latest 2 releases.
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Originally posted by nielc the pet bar isnt responding to setting rows/colums, the bar is always horizontal regardless, and i used to run a vertical bar. using .25 and .27 found on curse both do this. I got that too with .27, switched back to the version I had before (forgot which, but I guess its not .25)
File: FuBar 3.6.508-12-06
Originally posted by Hratgard FuB...
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Originally posted by Hratgard FuBar - Windfury - loads without any errors, but can't be added to panel, not listed in "Others" as an option like the rest of the older addons FuBar - Tracker - same as windfury FuBar - Tracker (1.0.4) is working fine for me with FuBar 2.0 (with FuBar-compat-1.2 of course), and it's listed under "Ot...
File: OmniCC04-23-06
Re: Changes in 4236
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Originally posted by Tuller New command: /omnicc hidemodel - Hides the normal cooldown model New command: /omnicc showmodel - Shows the normal cooldown model Merci ;-)