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File: MountRandomMount06-25-11
When a worgen how is this mod supposed to behave in Wintergrasp?
Posted By: Bru1ser
Regardless whether my faction controls Wintergrasp or not, as a Worgen Druid my mountrandommount keybinding for mounting/flight form does not function in Wintergrasp. Rather it errors with the following message: MountRandomMount\MountRandomMount-4.1c.lua:328: attempt to call global "GetWintergraspWaitTime" (a nil value) MountRand...
File: Tidy Threat12-25-10
Will there be further development?
Posted By: Bru1ser
Hello -- This addon had real potential for a simple threat indicator. It worked for me up until cata release day. It now shows the threat 'container' once combat starts but no color or gradient change occurs indicating the level of threat on the current target. The container doesn't 'fill up' anymore if you will. As a healer...