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File: SocialState12-06-09
Originally posted by knalty Secon...
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Originally posted by knalty Secondly, I found alt+clicking the launcher in order to open up the guild tab to be also awkward as well. I modified that part of the code to open the guild tab with a right-click instead. I like this idea. :) Any chance you could provide me with the modified code you used, Knalty?
File: QuestClicks05-26-09
We can haz keybind function plz? :)
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I would like to request a keybind function be added into Quest Clicks. Twidget suggested it, as did I some posts back, and I am just restating it as a reminder. :) As an example: Last slash command in list
File: QuestClicks04-24-09
Suggestion for future release
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I just wanted to suggest putting a way to "remember" the last item used via a keybind. This would be extremely helpful when doing dailies which require multiple "usings" of an item. <3 the mod as is so far however. =]
File: CowTip 3.004-24-09
Constant error
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CowTip works fine with 3.1, except for one thing: I keep getting the following error while playing. It seems to happen randomly whenever I mouse over an item/player/etc. I'm currently using CowTip 1.3 and will continue to do so in spite of the error. =] It just gets annoying sometimes. Error: ERROR: :SetFont(): inv...
File: Character Map01-25-09
Originally posted by Jelly Can't...
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Originally posted by Jelly Can't shift-click arbitrary text that someone typed to you. Chatter Line 11 under description: " - Ability to copy a chat frame's contents to your clipboard" Problem solved.
File: HealBot Continued12-17-08
Just wondering, but is there any re...
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Just wondering, but is there any reason why the most recent update of Healbot does not have the "You...Will...Die" sound as a possible option for when a player has a debuff such as a curse or poison? I really liked that one & now it's gone. If it was removed intentionally due to QQ, plz put it back in. =] =============WARNIN...
File: Livestock12-10-08
Re: Re: Dalaran issue
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Originally posted by Recompense Hi User4574, thanks for your comment. I don't use the macros myself (I'm a keybinder!) but when I tested the smart (combo) macro with my druid, it worked in Dalaran. (Flying Form at Krasus's Landing, Flying Form in the Exit Pipe, and land mount everywhere else.) I can't pinpoint exactly what you'r...
File: Livestock12-09-08
Dalaran issue
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I'm not exactly sure what the Dalaran & Wintergrasp issue was exactly, but if it was the combo button macro not working in Dalaran, then that's what I'm experiencing. It works fine in The Underbelly, but not in Dal. =[