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File: TipTac11-12-18
Re: Azerite Armor Tooltip Border
Posted By: feraldrood
disable the Azerite Armor border so that it follows the same border/colour "rules"? Any help would be appreciated! :D Hey, a cool guy showed me a thing: https://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56772
File: Aurora08-24-18
Azerite Item textures
Posted By: feraldrood
Any plans to skin the borders for Azerite items, both in character frame and tooltip? by skin I mean.. get rid of. they are so unnecessary. Also, wondering if there is a way to get aurora to have a smaller usage footprint, its pretty memory heavy.
File: Mapster07-21-18
Borderless + POI size
Posted By: feraldrood
Bumping request to reimplement a borderless appearance for the map as well as fix for the points of intrest/quest bubble size change bug. I have loved this addon forever- hope it gets the love it deserves!
File: TipTac07-20-18
Posted By: feraldrood
Experiencing the border dropping texture and color, anyone else? not throwing a bug or anything.
File: Storyline05-24-16
Re: Re: xml
Posted By: feraldrood
You can resize the Storyline frame by dragging the resize button in the bottom right corner. The dialog options pop-up will grow with the rest of the frame :) yes, however I've made mine smaller(narrower) than the set default, thus the dialog options being "wrapped" ...wondering how to modify the code to show full width dialog opt...
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?05-23-16
line spacing
Posted By: feraldrood
Firstly, I love this addon! great code. however, I'm not able to change the line spacing, quest spacing changes just fine. yet the line spacing appears stuck- I'm baffled!
File: Storyline05-22-16
Posted By: feraldrood
This addon is Brilliant!!! thank you for putting it together. I'm still pretty new to xml coding and have a question. 1. When I scale the storyline frame down past "x" number, it clips the dialog options in the center short. I've tried adjusting the size x/y values in ui.xml but no change. how do I change said text to display t...
File: FreeUI08-03-15
Posted By: feraldrood
Hey Haleth, I have loved working with your UI for a while now, one of the last remaining things I am trying to achieve is getting your dbm layout just right. All I have left to do is to change the font and for some reason when the small bars transition to large bars, the height of the bar changes from thin to fat, not sure if...
File: QuestKing 207-24-15
show on mouseover?
Posted By: feraldrood
Firstly, great work on this addon! quality of life improved for sure. Wondering if there is a way to make it only show on mouse-over?
File: FreeUI10-14-14
Thanks for the update Haleth, worki...
Posted By: feraldrood
Thanks for the update Haleth, working well! However, I am using raven for buffs and the ui is still showing the buff duration from freeui despite ravens being built in already (two different counts for the same buff). not sure where in your scripts you have put the code for buff duration... how do I turn it off?
File: MoveAnything MoP09-09-14
Overlapping frames
Posted By: feraldrood
So, I put all my frames up in the upper left corner. addon works fine and it looks great! however! the panels/menus (when multiple are open) stack, as in they are overlapping. making it extremely difficult to read (my menus etc.. are slightly transparent) Any Ideas as to how I can achieve the standard blizz style where opening...
File: MoveAnything08-30-14
Overlapping frames
Posted By: feraldrood
So when I open panels with move anything, I put all my frames up in the upper left corner. looks great! however! the panels/menus (when multiple are open) stack, as in they are overlapping. making it extremely difficult to read (my menus etc.. are slightly transparent) Any Ideas as to how I can achieve the standard blizz styl...
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-28-14
Hello, i have a problem with fonts...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hello, i have a problem with fonts from my fontpack in MSBT. Yes, msbt register a callback function for later registed fonts and my fonts are listed correct in configuration panel. Having the same problem, when first launching and logging in, msbt reverts to porky. I open the config menu and it shows that I have the correc...
File: OmniCC07-30-14
Posted By: feraldrood
due to my taste in pixel fonts, I'm wondering how to edit the lua so that the cooldown text is not just outlined, but monochromed so its crisp at different sizes. any input would be helpful, thanks
File: Birg's Warlock UI07-20-14
raw string data
Posted By: feraldrood
https://imageshack.com/i/ez2237d5j Am receiving the above error when trying to upload the weak auras string you have written. Not sure how to troubleshoot that. any advice would be appreciated. I love the effects.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)05-18-14
changing fonts
Posted By: feraldrood
Hey Zork, Ive been digging the fps fix on these frames but I would like to change the fonts used. unfortunately I haven't had any success with that, would appreciate a pointer or two also, how do I make the creature name only displayed on my target? is that even an option? and lastly, I've been having trouble trying to adjus...
File: FreeUI11-28-12
thanks for the hard work bringing f...
Posted By: feraldrood
thanks for the hard work bringing freeui up to patch speed :D HAH!!! I fixed it :D simply needed to re run the install client in case anyone is having the same problem adjusting chat font size
File: FreeUI11-28-12
the best possible combination of...
Posted By: feraldrood
the best possible combination of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D1cap6yETA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX07j9SDFcc just played in my mind when I read that
File: FreeUI11-27-12
seems like the new patch blew up f...
Posted By: feraldrood
seems like the new patch blew up free ui, could I just have a "yes I'm working on it" and perhaps a "now leave me alone" lol literally dont even want to play without this beautiful ui
File: Aurora: Missing Textures11-22-12
hey I'm wondering how to change the...
Posted By: feraldrood
hey I'm wondering how to change the color of the blue highlight on buttons in the login screen, to say... green or somesuch color. any hints ?
File: CleanHotKey11-17-12
Addon still works with 5.0.4...
Posted By: feraldrood
Addon still works with 5.0.4 thanks for the code :banana:
File: FreeUI08-31-12
wondering how to change the castbar height
Posted By: feraldrood
feraldrood; Are you using the one (castbar) that's inside the health bars or the separate one? I'm using the non unitframe one, in the middle of the screen. The change I'm looking for however is one that would affect both layouts (healer and tank/dps)
File: FreeUI08-30-12
Hey Haleth, just wondering ho...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hey Haleth, just wondering how to scale the height of the castbar, Im not sure whether to mess with unitframes.lua or castbar.lua element in ouf. thanks
File: FreeUI05-08-12
70-80% opacity for the background of frames
Posted By: feraldrood
I love the way most of freeui has slightly translucent backgrounds and textures. I'm wondering how to modify the lua. so that the health bars and nameplates have that same 70-80% opacity in other frames like the character frame, while keeping a clean pixel border. any help?
File: FreeUI11-24-11
Hello Haleth- I'm wondering...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hello Haleth- I'm wondering how to move the keybind/hotkey text on the actionbars cant find it in the actionbars lua. thanks. *edit* ofc- buttons :P ty again