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File: LUI v306-07-10
Some minor annoyance (for me at lea...
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Some minor annoyance (for me at least) switching to this UI: I'm used to the standard button panel numbers, 1-main, 5,6 - right and left bars, 3,4 - sidebars. Whenever I'm building a UI or setting up a custom made one - first thing I do is set the bars to the standard numbers. The benefit is whether I use a custom UI or just load t...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows12-23-08
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it throws an error for me and only shows a single addon on the list ********************************************** *** 2008-11-23_10-13-17-093 TRAP > 19 Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0": java.lang.NullPointerException ==> null at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicProgressBarUI.updateSizes(null:-1) at javax.swing.plaf.basic...