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File: EventHorizon Continued12-12-09
fire nova
Posted By: Lyxa
I added this to the Shaman config file: -- Fire Nova self:NewSpell({ spellID = 61657, cooldown = true, }) Gonna use this on Aunb25H tomorrow :)
File: TotemTimers 11.0 MoP Beta08-09-09
Are there any known conflicts with...
Posted By: Lyxa
Are there any known conflicts with TotemTimers? Whenever trying TotemTimers it doesn't show the totem icons when I drop totems. I have everything turned on and still nothing. No lua errors either, just no totem icons just the ankh, shield and weapon buff icons. With the new v10 I get the TotemTimers Call of the Elements button now. I...
File: EventHorizon03-28-09
Posted By: Lyxa
Would it be possible for someone to add a small additional feature to EventHorizon for druids and rogues please. In the case of druids it would be adding another bar to the lines of savage roar, mangle, rake and rip that would show when in the future you will have enough energy to use these abilities. It could be changing the backgro...
File: EventHorizon01-07-09
Posted By: Lyxa
Great mod. Looking forward to trying it out in a raid. Quick question: Is haste included in the cast times? Also would external haste effects like Heroism/Bloodlust change the cast times shown in green bars. If not you could accidently clip the vampiric touch dot for example.