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File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian08-14-11
Thanks for adding the feature to se...
Posted By: Beachcomber1
Thanks for adding the feature to see the win/loss of people who participate in the rated bg groups! :) What would you think of an additional column for win % which is sortable?
File: Capping08-14-11
Also seeing a bug in rated bg's whe...
Posted By: Beachcomber1
Also seeing a bug in rated bg's where the enemy flag carrier's name sometimes shows in white and is not properly color coded, so I don't see his actual class at a glance.
File: Capping08-06-11
Battleground rez timers?
Posted By: Beachcomber1
Any chance of adding battleground rez timers? This is good information to have, especially in rated battlegrounds (which use a longer timer than regular battlegrounds do). I understand that the first rez wave couldn't be calculated, but that could be used to estimate following rez waves.
File: Capping02-12-11
Flag debuff timers
Posted By: Beachcomber1
I'd like to see the ability to estimate when the flag debuffs will hit. This is often nice to know in order to prepare an offensive group for an attack. Thanks P.S. And Graveyard rez timers.
File: Capping12-05-10
BG Minimap Combat
Posted By: Beachcomber1
Would really like to see players in combat as red on the battleground minimap. This was done in the Battlefield Commander 2 addon which is now broken. It was extremely useful for making at-a-glance decisions. I can use other mods for the chat barker stuff like "Our flag carrier is dying, please regrab" or "Enemy flag carrier is...
File: Scrolling Combat Text11-10-09
Sound for Kill Shot?
Posted By: Beachcomber1
I can't for the life of me figure out how to add sounds to Kill Shot. I see that it's registering as a skill that becomes active, like Execute. However, SCT is displaying it and I can't seem to create a custom event for Kill Shot that will play a sound. I know my sound is set up correctly, but I guess the custom event isn't wor...
File: Shaman Warning01-29-09
Missing Features
Posted By: Beachcomber1
This mod is missing a lot of shaman abilities. For example, it lists an Enhancement section but there is nothing for Maelstrom Weapon, Shamanistic Rage, Lava Lash, or Feral Spirit. I am currently using a custom event in SCT mod to get a sound for when MW is available. I'd also like the ability to change the sound file or adjust th...
File: Capping01-11-09
Showing teammates in combat as red
Posted By: Beachcomber1
Hello, I am a longtime user of the defunct Battlefield Commander 2. I keep going back to it because of several features, the most important of which is the custom minimap which shows teammates in combat as a red dot. This helps me make important decisions in Warsong. Is this a simple change or option that could be added to Capp...