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File: Titan Panel06-16-10
Latest version is broken
Posted By: Wizardling
Everything has labels turned on and lots of '??'
File: TellMeWhen05-13-10
Way to show combo points?
Posted By: Wizardling
Any way to show how many combo points I have on my target with my feral cat druid or rogue?
File: TourGuide05-03-10
Latest beta of TG causes objectives to stop being tracked all the time.
Posted By: Wizardling
Since I installed the latest beta of TG yesterday my objectives keep being untracked when I move between zones, complete objectives or sometimes just do nothing I can figure would affect it. EDIT: I've reverted to and the problem has gone away.
File: cargoHonor04-06-10
Originally posted by Cargor Seems...
Posted By: Wizardling
Originally posted by Cargor Seems like cargoHonor is again on a collision course with ONQ. I initially wanted to separate both of them - cargoHonor solely for displaying honor stats and ONQ only for queueing. Well, have to think about that, because if I implement queueing into cargoHonor, it would share ONQ's codebase ... and th...
File: cargoHonor04-01-10
Menu to sign up for random, holiday, or specific BG?
Posted By: Wizardling
Since marks have gone the way of the dodo (I thought BG currency and their own vendors was a good idea, but oh well), how about this addon totally replaces Blizzard's BG frame with a menu accessible via click, and change swapping displays to right-click? You could have a menu item to launch Blizzard's frame as well, if people still t...
File: Quecho03-30-10
Breaks the new Objectives tracker in 3.3.3
Posted By: Wizardling
With this addon installed no objectives display :(
File: Titan Panel02-26-10
Still broken, many plugins are greyed out
Posted By: Wizardling
I'm having to copy setting files from older characters to new ones to get around this. Why is Titan Panel greying out the last half of my plugins in the general sub-menu? e.g. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/7954/picture137y.png TIA :-)
File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-16-10
Remember guys - addons don't just s...
Posted By: Wizardling
Remember guys - addons don't just stop working unless there's been a change to the API or part of the game they affect. Anyway - this is a great mail addon I've used for years and love. Thanks for maintaining it through the demise of Cosmos! :)
File: DurabilityStatus from Cosmos01-16-10
I wasn't aware of any problems unde...
Posted By: Wizardling
I wasn't aware of any problems under 3.3, but thanks anyway! Fantastic addon :banana:
File: Outfitter12-07-09
Fishing Buddy and Outfitter bug
Posted By: Wizardling
G'day, I've had this happened before and could only solve it by restoring my WoW settings from backup. Every time I start WoW a new Fishing Buddy Outfit is created, the fishing script from the old Fishing Buddy outfit is disabled and click to change outfit using the FB broker plugin no longer works. A FB or Outfitter bug? TIA :-)
File: Outfitter11-02-09
Stopped working with v4.9b4
Posted By: Wizardling
Unknown stat optmization Fishing Interface\AddOns\Outfitter\OutfitterEquipment.lua:575: bad argument #2 to 'band' (number expected, got nil) Error: bad argument #2 to 'band' (number expected, got nil) AddOn: Outfitter File: OutfitterEquipment.lua Line: 575 Count: 1 I'll try reverting.
File: cargoHonor09-25-09
Seems a bit broken in 3.2.2
Posted By: Wizardling
File: Bartender408-22-09
Totem bar missing 'drop all totems' button?
Posted By: Wizardling
WoW told me this existed, but I'm not seeing it :-( NM - WoW told me about it before I'd visited my trainer - I had no idea it was a skill :-D
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-19-09
Re: Broken in the latest WoW patch this morning?
Posted By: Wizardling
Originally posted by Wizardling I'm getting no scrolling text at all. Nada. NM - restart fixed it.
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-19-09
Broken in the latest WoW patch this morning?
Posted By: Wizardling
I'm getting no scrolling text at all. Nada.
File: Ribbon08-11-09
Re: Re: Doesn't seem to work
Posted By: Wizardling
Originally posted by mikma I'm sorry to hear this. If you don't have anything important saved, try cleaning the DB ( /script RibbonDB = nil ) and reloading the ui after that ( /reload ). It was my first time trying Ribbon, so nope - nothing important saved. Only the one test note I tried to make. I might try downloading Ribbon...
File: Ribbon08-11-09
Doesn't seem to work
Posted By: Wizardling
Clicking or right clicking just brings up a blank note to edit. I see no way to access the test note... I thought I'd made. I'm using Titan Panel. I also get error: Error: attempt to compare nil with number File: Interface\AddOns\Ribbon\Ribbon.lua Line: 114 Count: 8 TIA, Jamie Kahn Genet
File: Broker_HitCrit08-08-09
Re: Re: Tooltip no longer displays using 2.9.0
Posted By: Wizardling
Originally posted by Zhinjio I'll take a look. Thanks very much. It's odd, but the tooltip also won't display for any of my characters across my three realms. If there's anything troubleshooting-wise I can do to help, please ask :-)
File: Broker_HitCrit08-07-09
Tooltip no longer displays using 2.9.0
Posted By: Wizardling
I'm using Carousel.
File: EasyMail from Cosmos08-07-09
Autocomplete in 3.2 taken over by Blizzard's which sucks
Posted By: Wizardling
Other than that, EasyMail continues to work ok, but I'm crossing my fingers it's updated to replace Blizzard's lousy autocomplete with it's own.
File: Align08-05-09
Great addon!
Posted By: Wizardling
Thanks! :-)
File: Quelevel08-05-09
Re: Not working
Posted By: Wizardling
Originally posted by tralkar Not working with 3.2 Likewise :-( What else does just this?
File: DoubleWide08-05-09
Error in 3.2
Posted By: Wizardling
Error: attempt to index global 'QuestLogListScrollFrame' (a nil value) AddOn: DoubleWide File: DoubleWide.lua Line: 21 Count: 1
File: Bagsy07-31-09
Replicate Bagsy, or anything similar?
Posted By: Wizardling
I wish I knew how to write an addon, because Bagsy does EXACTLY what I want in a LDB bag addon. Sadly it fails to recognise some of my bags, e.g. 32 slot inscription :-( and it looks as if it will never be updated. It's a damn shame that here we have the high water mark of LDB bag addons, and nothing else does it all. Or if I've m...
File: Bag Count [Data Broker]07-31-09
Click to open?
Posted By: Wizardling
If I could click to open as I've done with Bagsy (which doesn't recognise some Wrath bags :-( ) that would be excellent. Cheers for a useful addon! Regards, Jamie Kahn Genet