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File: Golden Ticket01-30-09
Error after reloading UI.
Posted By: Wizardling
"AceLocale-3.0: GoldenTicket: Missing entry for 'Right Click to configure GoldenTicket."
File: Carousel01-26-09
Settings to disable tootips in combat or just delay them for a second?
Posted By: Wizardling
Could settings to disable tootips in combat or just delay them for a second please be added? Cheers for a very handy addon :-)
File: EquipCompare01-23-09
Cheers mate!
Posted By: Wizardling
Cheers for continuing such a useful addon after WotLK when all too many other cool addons from Cosmos died. It's really appreciated! :D
File: TipTac01-23-09
How do I see if an NPC is a banker, baker, etc?
Posted By: Wizardling
Seems odd I can't see this.
File: picoButtons01-21-09
Tooltips please?
Posted By: Wizardling
G'day. These buttons are not much good to me without tooltips to remind me what each does. It's a really good idea and I'd love to get rid of my micro button toolbar, but this is more trouble than it's worth with my bad memory :-)
File: oGlow01-15-09
Dead addon? :(
Posted By: Wizardling
Sad to see this cool addon die a slow death from lack of updates :(
File: DurabilityStatus from Cosmos01-13-09
So glad this survives :-)
Posted By: Wizardling
It's a huge help for me cause I'm forever forgetting to repair.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch01-13-09
Is it possible to move the ToT frame?
Posted By: Wizardling
I'm sure I could move it in an old version. Just to clarify - it appears dead centre over my character which is annoying.
File: leafZone01-12-09
Posted By: Wizardling
Precise coords are working perfectly :) *resists urge to hit you up for more features... for today anyway* I really appreciate it :D
File: The Traveller's Reference01-12-09
Posted By: Wizardling
Is this plugin alive? It's really handy so I hope the author updates it :) Just in case it's not completely dead I'd really appreciate a click key combo to open Atlas *hopeful*
File: leafZone01-12-09
Option for more precise coords please?
Posted By: Wizardling
The option for coords up to two decimal places would be much appreciated. In the meantime this is a very serviceable, if basic zone indicator, so thanks :)
File: TomTom01-12-09
TomTom kicks arse.
Posted By: Wizardling
Thanks for making my WoW experience a better one. You addon authors are really appreciated and make a good game truly great :banana:
File: NinjaPanel01-11-09
Would be a viable alternative to Titanbar if only it could be at the top and bottom.
Posted By: Wizardling
Cool Data Broker addon, but as much as I'd like to replace Titanbar, I need something for top AND bottom of my screen. I'll tell you this much - the day, nay the hour you release a version that can do that, I'll junk ageing Titanbar (not so much itself, as it's plugins) faster than you can say "painfully outdated addon" :-)