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File: dNamePlates07-15-10
grey nameplates
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I have the exact same problem with the grey nameplates. Neutral nameplates look just fine, I have "show class colored nameplates" activated -- but hostile players' and aggressive mobs' nameplates show as grey. I've both tried with a moderate amount of tweaking (different texture and font, smaller size of bars and icons) and a fres...
File: ag_UnitFrames07-29-09
I'll assume you have the module ena...
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I'll assume you have the module enabled (:D) and chosen the Raid option in the dropdown menu for Configuration. I was confused as well, because all frames showed up, except for the raid frames. For me it works to go into the Raid options and there choose the Groups tab, and tick "Show Group Header" for each group I want to see; on or...
File: CurrencyTracker07-28-09
Re: ummm
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Originally posted by AnElk I can't make this work with Bagnon. What is LDB? Don't see no GUI anywhere, I look for addon settings in Game Menu -> Interface -> Addons. If it's anywhere else where I don't expect it to be, I won't find it. :o In Bagnon's options menu, you have to have the option "Enable databroker frame" ticked....
File: ag_UnitFrames07-17-09
@Cindy: Have you tried setting the...
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@Cindy: Have you tried setting the desired profile and then reloading your UI?