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File: TravelAgent08-31-17
Broken 7.3
Posted By: Renwa
As above
File: Addon Control Panel08-31-17
Re: Patch 7.3
Posted By: Renwa
Same issue. :( Since the patch came out, I am unable to click on the ACP button in my main menu. Don't remember seeing any bugs though. For clarification - the button is there in the list, just nothing happens when clicked. Thanks, Trixie
File: BagSync09-16-16
Error after update
Posted By: Renwa
5x BagSync\modules\search-Search.lua:7: Cannot find a library instance of "CustomSearch-1.0". : in function `error' ...eAccountant_Classic\Libs\LibStub\LibStub.lua:38: in function `LibStub' BagSync\modules\search-Search.lua:7: in main chunk Locals: (*temporary) = "Cannot find a library instance of "CustomSearch-1.0"." :(
File: SuperVillain UI12-27-15
Minion and SVUI
Posted By: Renwa
For some reason minion does not recognise any of SVUI, I didn't realize there was an update :)
File: SuperVillain UI12-02-15
SVUI Pet Battle HUD
Posted By: Renwa
Is there a way to disable this back to the default UI? It interferes with a few mods. I can't find it in the config. OMG I found it! :o
File: SanityCheck12-19-14
Hunter Skin
Posted By: Renwa
I changed to the hunter skin and it takes up a little too much room, wanted to change back but am unable to find the config portion. Nothing is clickable.
File: SanityCheck12-06-14
Lock in Place
Posted By: Renwa
As it says, I may have missed it but is there a way to lock this mod in place?
File: MapsterEnhanced10-25-12
Addon Error
Posted By: Renwa
I'm having this issue as well. I also get spam from the addon when I open and close the map and every 30sec or so even when the map is closed that says the following: MapsterEnhanced-Exploration: Error in 2 30 StormwindCity 667 768 false MapsterEnhanced-Exploration: Error in 2 30 StormwindCity 667 768 false I didn't g...
File: Outfitter08-28-12
Ranged Weapons
Posted By: Renwa
Still getting error... unable to find ranged weapon
File: TinyMainbarInfo08-08-12
Not loading in beta
Posted By: Renwa
Hasn't loading for a couple of patches now
File: TipTac07-14-12
MoP Update?
Posted By: Renwa
This going to be updated, it's one of my favorite mods.
File: Swindler Preventer01-30-11
Data Error
Posted By: Renwa
(27680) is listed but has no vendors.
File: Broker_Garbage01-05-10
Tracking of Money
Posted By: Renwa
I also would love this feature, no idea why but I enjoyed seeing how much money I had made from selling junk. :) Originally posted by bknab Great addon, I've been looking for something like this ever since Garbage_Fu broke for good. Would it be possible to keep track of money made as well as money lost? I'm not sure why, but I...
File: Auditor05-04-09
Posted By: Renwa
Same problem. Will not show up in Titan. Originally posted by KiwiRed Odd. I've deleted the old folders (Auditor2 and FuBar_AuditorFu) and installed the 4.0.1 version, and TitanPanels says that Auditor is installed (and lets me enable/disable Show icon/label text/plugin text/coloured text) but there's no sign of Auditor. It's als...