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File: idActionbar08-16-09
Thank you.
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Thanks for posting this addon. It is a good base for me to modify for my own setup.
File: Quick Auctions 307-23-09
Unfortunately, I do not have any so...
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Unfortunately, I do not have any solutions. But I am using QA for glyphs as well and I am having the exact same problem you listed. The other thing I notice it does is it will undercut itself. IE first time around it will list something for say 20G, then when I do the reload UI, and repost, it will see myself as competition and po...
File: Power Auras Classic03-29-09
Can power auras show tracking abilitys?
Posted By: Damageinc333
Basically my character is a herbalist/miner. And gathermate shows me red and green circles on my minimap according to herbs and mineral spots. I would like to use power auras to put either a red or green square around my minimap according to which I am tracking at that time. This would provide intuitive feedback as to what I am tr...