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File: HeadCount04-07-09
Bug with duplicate drops
Posted By: indivisual
It seems there is a bug when a duplicate item drops in a single raid (i.e. 2 bosses in Naxx hc drop the same BoE ring). HeadCount then just ignores that drop, but continues to not 'trigger' with bosskills and loot after that, until you relog. Could you check that? Oh, and possibly add an 'edit' button for raids, so you could edi...
File: oUF RuneBar03-31-09
Changing rune order
Posted By: indivisual
First of all, thanks a bunch for this plugin. I've tried numerous Rune addons, but integrating it in my oUF layout is the best option of all. I have a question though, which I can't figure out myself. Is it possible to change the order of the runes? I'm deep frost i.e., but the frost runes are on the end now (it's BBUUFF). I'd...