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File: GrimUI09-07-12
Action Bar
Posted By: mactag
My action bars are staying as the blizz default bars. noticed in the addon folder for GrimUI there is still a config file for Macaroon even though you say its been removed. This was the first time ive used your UI so it was a fresh install. any ideas how i can get the action bars to setup? theres no options for them in the ingame opt...
File: Leatrix Latency Fix02-05-10
OMG! i chuffing LOVE YOU! ive been...
Posted By: mactag
OMG! i chuffing LOVE YOU! ive been having so many probs with latency in wow & now your script has cut my latency down to a 1/4! :banana::banana::banana::):):):banana::banana::banana: