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File: MoveAnything - Updated for 3.209-23-09
Finally got it to work. This is one...
Posted By: nanrector
Finally got it to work. This is one of my fav addons.
File: DoubleWide08-04-09
wont work wtih 3.2
Posted By: nanrector
Well definitely wont work with 3.2 dang.
File: QuestHelper07-17-09
Highlighting gone
Posted By: nanrector
I just got the new QH and my quest icons on the map stopped highlighting the area in which the quest can be accomplished on the map (When you hover over the icons.). Is there a setting for this? I can't find it and it was very helpful to know how far of a range itemss or mobs could be found. Nancy
File: DoubleWide07-16-09
3.2 extends quest log!
Posted By: nanrector
According to the notes in 3.2 this addon will become unneeded anyway: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html Read below UI changes.
File: MapNotes07-02-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Note icon issue
Posted By: nanrector
Ah! Don't remember doing that before but I do it from now on. Thanks again. One of my favorite addons. Nancy Originally posted by Telic Hi, by default MapNotes creates a temporary marker for Lightheaded coords. i.e. there is only one temporary marker. You can either right click on the temporary MapNote and choose to co...
File: MapNotes06-29-09
Re: Re: Note icon issue
Posted By: nanrector
Appreciate the info Telic. My LH was up to date and I removed TomTom and it still did it. But I finally figured it out. MapNotes has an icon options but its a bit buried and hard to find. But I found it and reset the default icon and it seems to be working fine now other than it only wants to let me put one icon on the map at a time....
File: MapNotes06-18-09
Note icon issue
Posted By: nanrector
I love this addon but I'm having a strange annyoing problem. When I click on cooridnates in my Light Headed add on it always puts a spot on the map. Well now in additon to the little green dot it places a green boot with wings from the MapNotes program. The boot is one of the "other" icon choices you can choose when creating a note m...
File: ScrapBook06-11-09
Watermark for manual shots
Posted By: nanrector
I bound a key to the manual shots as I take lots of photos. I've been using Fraps but this has the awesome watermark feature. However I was very sad to see that with the manual takes it does not add the watermark. Can that be added sometime? Nancy Ok figured it out. You have to set it to remove the UI and THEN it puts the wa...
File: Titan Quests05-18-09
How to enter interface?
Posted By: nanrector
I hate asking stupid questions... I've installed Tital Quests but I don't quite see where it shows up. Its not on the Titan panel, though it shows as installed in my addons. Could someone kindly tell me were I can access Titan Quests? Thanks so much! Nancy Well I never got an answer but its no matter. The addon was constantly...
File: OneBag304-18-09
Auto open turn off?
Posted By: nanrector
Can auto open be turned off? Such as at the bank, auctions etc? Great plugin! Nancy
File: FluidFrames04-17-09
Help resetting please
Posted By: nanrector
Love the plugin! Had some issues but solved them myself. Thanks so much, Nancy
File: DoubleWide04-15-09
Same queston here. Boy I miss this...
Posted By: nanrector
Same queston here. Boy I miss this one BIG time! Nancy Originally posted by heartscorn is this addon going to be updated for the new patch?
File: FluidFrames04-15-09
Says is out of date on mine and won...
Posted By: nanrector
Says is out of date on mine and won't work either. Nancy Originally posted by ruku320 Can't set up a binding for 3.1. FluidFrames doesn't show up under key-bindings in the main menu anymore for me.
File: LightHeaded04-15-09
Re: WOW 3.1 & Lightheaded
Posted By: nanrector
This is one of my top fav add-ons. I didn't realize I could "force" it to load. Saw that option now and it appears to be there! Nancy Originally posted by Dhardrian Do you have any plans to release an update to Lightheaded for the 3.1 update? I have it working currently by forcing WOW to load outdated add-ins, however I gen...