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File: ickd - to do list01-21-15
Feature Request
Posted By: aktlingit
Hey, this addon suits my needs 100% and my desires 99% :) No complaints as it's easy to use and does what it says. Got a request for an enhancement though. I would like to reorder tasks sometimes so that I can treat it as a priority list and right now I'd have to use the edit command and type in all the info for each task again. A...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times07-18-11
Feature Request
Posted By: aktlingit
Hey, switched to this recently and I'm pleased for sure :) One request though would be to let us save favorite flight destinations and then an option to show only our favorites or the full list. With epic flying we don't use flightmasters as much these days and when we do it's for things like Ironforge to Booty Bay to get into the...
File: Quest Reward11-06-09
Posted By: aktlingit
Error when I was completing "Taking Battle To The Enemy" at the Argent Tournament: Date: 2009-11-06 02:07:11 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\QuestReward\main.lua line 43: attempt to index local 'btn' (a nil value) Debug: : ? QuestReward\main.lua:43: QuestReward_SelectItem() QuestRewa...
File: Guild Tax With Raid Duty11-05-09
Posted By: aktlingit
You are correct sir! I overlooked the object names you were calling the SetText and SetFont methods on lmao. In my defense, my change made my guild tax rate show up consistently though :P Thanks for reformatting - I was gonna let you know about various editors that can replace spaces/tabs cleanly but you got it. Thanks for all...
File: Guild Tax With Raid Duty11-04-09
Minor Logic Problem in GName()
Posted By: aktlingit
Hey, found a minor logic problem in GName() in 5.3.0 that causes the miniframe to sometimes not display guild name and tax rate. Basically you were missing an else declaration, here's the updated code: function GName() local guildName = GetGuildInfo("player"); if (not guildName) then guildName = ("Guild");...
File: InstanceCounters11-03-09
Thanks for that tip Tuhljin - didn'...
Posted By: aktlingit
Thanks for that tip Tuhljin - didn't develop any addons for a while and missed Blizz adding the hooksecurefunc stuff. I'll look at getting it implemented and tested over the next few days - unfortunately I'm having RAM issues though and gotta get some replacements.
File: InstanceCounters11-01-09
Posted By: aktlingit
Well, being my first LibDataBroker addon I made a bad assumption - if it works in ChocolateBar it should work in TitanPanel lol. Anyways, rewrote parts of it and tested on TitanPanel and ChocolateBar. Uploading a new version :) NOTE: Removing the initial release because it behaved SO badly in TitanPanel. Please come back and...
File: Guild Tax With Raid Duty10-24-09
Minor Changes
Posted By: aktlingit
Hey, slowly but surely getting the guild interested in the addon - thanks :) I've made 3 minor edits to our version that'd like to see make it into the official version: 1. Fixed a typo - "Deposted" should be "Deposited" (approximately line 763) 2. Hide the extra info panels by default, starting approximately line 420 if (...