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File: Shieldmonitor05-13-09
Posted By: SpencerMC
Is it me or am I the only one wishing these stacked. Like on top of each other - vertically. On my Mage, b/c it doesn't do it automatically, and I don't see an option to configure for it. If I have ice barrier + mana shield up at the same time, why dont i see both at once? Sure, once one dissipates, the other is there. if this is imp...
File: LilSparky's Workshop05-03-09
Re: Re: Update?
Posted By: SpencerMC
Originally posted by lilsparky there's an early alpha available at wowace. it supports auctionator, but it might not be completely stable. i'm hoping to have a beta sometime this weekend. Thanks! This was what I was looking for.
File: LilSparky's Workshop05-01-09
Posted By: SpencerMC
When can we expect to see an update (mostly for using Auctionator)? I'm not trying to push, but i would like to know if i should just revert to using auctioneer until there is one.
File: LilSparky's Workshop04-18-09
Auctionator Please!
Posted By: SpencerMC
Yes please add support for Auctionator as well.