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File: NDui (Added some Addons/Tweaks)12-03-16
UI Colors
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There a way to alter the colors for the UI? I know it's based off of class colors, but is there any way to change it?
File: RealUI11-28-12
Addon fixes
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Download and install newest version of RealUI -remember if you already have 7.3, you just need to install the addons from the addon folder. The way I do it so I don't lose any of my personal addons not included in Real. Just be sure to overwrite existing!!! Aurora Bug - go here https://github.com/Haleth/Aurora donwload zip, extr...
File: RealUI08-29-12
Demonic fury
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Either I'm blind, or it isn't actually implemented. Any info on this would be appreciated thanks.
File: RealUI04-10-12
Small question
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Been using RealUI for quite some time now, and everything is great. I've recently began playing again after 6 months, and now that I've put my lock away and moved onto tanking, I have 1 small issue. Threat listing through Skada. I am going to assume this has been discussed somewhere, but the RealUI comrades here tend to give simple u...
File: RealUI04-23-11
Originally posted by martie7 I'm...
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Originally posted by martie7 I'm now having a little trouble with your UI. That is I can't do anything with S-B-F. I know it's locked, but the adjustment button doesn't work. I want to create a new frame for buffs. How should I make it modifiable? SBF Options is disabled by default when you load the UI. So after you lo...
File: RealUI03-11-11
A small request.....
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and I say that with the utmost respect knowing how tedious it may be. As a demo lock there are 2 cool downs I would love to see added to Icehud. One for Metamorphosis, and one for Hand of Gul'dan. I've returned to the raiding world, and I noticed my eyes tend to focus more on Icedhud for timings rather than anything else. Two have th...
File: RealUI02-08-11
Re: Re: Bad fresh install
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Ahh, WTF folder issue. Scroll down to the bottom of the front page for common WTF folder issues and their solutions. Awesome thanks - I apparently fail at typing today considering I screwed up my account name, and my original post had about 6 grammar issues. Thanks again :D BTW - best UI hand...
File: RealUI02-08-11
Bad fresh install
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Help Please!!! I basically deleted my old WTF, Interface, and Font folders so I could copy/paste the new folders from .69 for fresh install. I log in blah blah blah, and of course I get the window asking about loading RealUI for this toon. I say yes, it does it's thing, ie: a reload to install the UI, but when it's done, none of t...
File: RealUI01-12-11
Donslaught, you are my hero, that w...
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Donslaught, you are my hero, that was driving me insane lol.....thanks! :banana::banana::banana: @Rammoth - the addon is called Archy, it's the greatest thing since RealUI lol simplifies archeology in sooooo many ways. :D:D:D
File: RealUI01-11-11
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Just updated to 6.6, and everything went fine but Icehud. i now have 2 seperate listings for my soul shards. Pic below so you can see what i mean. i want to remove the circles, does anyone have an idea how. When I disable soul shard tracker, the bottom one goes away, but the 2 circles are still there. Once again, any help would be gr...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant01-02-11
new update
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Just revert back to the old one. If it had some bugs, fix those and leave be. I have the old version and it's absolutely awesome. I just installed the new version on my gf's pc, and it's horrible. No need for bars, or fancy nonsense. The older version was sleek and simple. Which in the add-on world is sometimes for the best.
File: RealUI11-26-10
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Is this a known issue? It's very random, it will happen in whatever instance I'm in. Also a /RL doesn't help. Actually a /RL just changes it around. I even try going into Grid and changing the layout, but to no avail. Just curious to know if a Grid update will fix this? http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/2741/wowscrnshot1126101549...
File: RealUI11-17-10
Icehud question
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I downloaded r3 today, and all I did was copy/paste all the addon folders from r3 into my WoW addon folder. Yes I overwrote all existing as well. Everything works fine, but icehud lost all the changes i made. It's now back to what you have. I'm a Demo lock, and I made a few CD bars for metamorphosis and soulburn, but they are gone no...
File: TipTac03-25-10
Re: Re: Odd Bug
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Originally posted by sunsmoon Go to your interface settings. Under "Help" enable Enhanced Tooltips. Thanks very much, it was driving me nuts. Still wonder why Enhanced Tooltips would become disabled. Thanks again for the help :banana:
File: TipTac03-20-10
Odd Bug
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I have had this issue before and after several attempts to find the cause I have had no luck. So, I am posting here in hopes someone else has had, or seen this issue. TipTac used to show spell/skill information when you moused over a button on your bars. Now for some reason it doesn't do it. I just get the default box, for instance,...
File: Better Inbox08-22-09
Not sure if it's just me, but is an...
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Not sure if it's just me, but is anyone else getting the chatbox to read what AH gold you process for an item twice? For example..... Processed sale for Solid Sky Sapphire Processed sale for Solid Sky Sapphire
File: Bartender408-15-09
Nevermind.....decided to reset to d...
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Nevermind.....decided to reset to default, solved the problem.
File: Bartender408-15-09
Has anyone ever had the issue where...
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Has anyone ever had the issue where the sizes differ from each bar. For instance Bar 1 scale is at 1.1, but when I change Bar 3 to the same scale it's noticably different. Same goes with some padding issues. I put Bar 1 at Padding of 4, but another bar has to be a Padding of -4 to get the same effect. Any help would be great...thanks!
File: Satrina Buff Frames 304-22-09
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Quite certain that the filters aren't working as of new patch. I've tried countless options, manually, choosing simplistic like "my" and even picking one. They just don't work. If you leave it t odefault you see them all, but you just can't filter.