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File: QuestGuru05-07-10
Posted By: LinDysign
I've been using questguru for a long long time. Lately I have experinced lag in my game. I've been looking everywhere, but at questguru, until I tried turning it off, and viola, the lag was removed. Whether it is QG itself, or some conflict with wow or another addon, I don't know. But what strikes me, is the insane amount of memory t...
File: RantTooltip01-12-10
Any way to set some options of this...
Posted By: LinDysign
Any way to set some options of this addon ingame? Like getting the tooltips to stick to a predefined position?
File: Cartographer01-12-10
Looks like it isn't being updated o...
Posted By: LinDysign
Looks like it isn't being updated on the mother-site (wowace), so maybe it's time to go look for another addon... Any suggestions?
File: CowTip 3.001-05-10
Same error
Posted By: LinDysign
Is an update being worked on? I get the same LibRock-error as the previous post, and same errors in general, and all since the 3.3 update. This is a great addon, so please update or atleast give us some info of what's happening. ;)
File: NotesUNeed12-19-09
Posted By: LinDysign
I'll just tell you "thanks" for updating this mod. I can't really make addons, and I really love this addon, so for you to pick up where Telic left off, is really great! I hope you get some help with it, because this is one addon, that shouldn't end up old and discontinued. :)
File: Dominos08-18-09
4 totems in 1 button
Posted By: LinDysign
Hi. Will you soon support the new 4-totem button? Good work with the addon! :) ---edit--- Sorry, just changed some settings/addons, and it suddenly worked fine. So, nevermind my little question, but still... Great work! ;)
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-22-09
Well, then we're back to square 1.....
Posted By: LinDysign
Well, then we're back to square 1... Because when I turn off Cartographer -loot, maps and info, it works for me... And that is when I'm running QH, so it might be more complicated than just blaming one addon. And since this is the one addon that is in common, I believe that the author of x-perl might look into it, and maybe contact o...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-21-09
Posted By: LinDysign
I'm not trying to put the blame on anyone, I'm trying to find the solution to the problem. If it's only Cartographer-modules that makes this happen, then it might be those modules fault. But as I've read on the net, then QH might also run into problems concerning this and if this is the case, then it all leads back to X-perl because...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-18-09
Drop-down problems
Posted By: LinDysign
I wrote a couple of posts ago, about problems with x-perl showing right-click drop-down menues in dungeons/instances. I've done a little research on the net, and found that more people experince this. There are some who claim that turning of questhelper help, and others (and this is my experince too) that say it helps to turn of C...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-13-09
Problems in instance
Posted By: LinDysign
Hi Nice work with this add-on. But I've encountered an error or... When I'm inside an instance, I can't right-click on my own frame or any of my group-members. Is this intended? I've checked it on several machines with other accounts than my own, and it's the same. If it's a setting, which one is it then? If it's a bug, wh...
File: pMinimap05-11-09
Re: Re: Jumping icons/text
Posted By: LinDysign
Originally posted by p3lim Its impossible that the coords are interfering with the drop-down on your player unit frame. It has no global interference that might mess with blizzard (nor other addon's) variables. That's nice to know... then I'll just have to check the other add-ons. :) It's really great that you put this effo...
File: pMinimap05-10-09
Jumping icons/text
Posted By: LinDysign
I wrote some days ago with a problem, but now it's almost gone. My problem (and I hope it will help some with similar problems) was, that the zonetext jumped around, and the tracking icon, the clock and coords jumped around too... The way I fixed it, was by eliminating two things... An addon that is called FloatingFrames, becau...
File: pMinimap04-29-09
Re: Re: Feature fix
Posted By: LinDysign
Originally posted by p3lim I dont really see what you mean. Please show me your settings (pMinimap.lua found deep inside the WTF directory has them) This is taken from one of my mains: pMinimapDB = { = "BACKGROUND", = true, = false, = true, = 12, = true, = 2, = 6, = "BOTTOM", = true, = false...
File: pMinimap04-27-09
Feature fix
Posted By: LinDysign
This is the best addon for a minimap I've had in a long time. I've encountered some bugs that seems to persist. When I log out, and back in, the coords, clock and zone-text jumps around. This especially happens when I scale the minimap (to 100%) and moves it. I don't know if I'm the only one this happens to, and it might have somet...