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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-21-14
Click to Cast Macro
Posted By: Jason
in SVUI is it possible to click to cast a macro?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-08-14
change "profile" on spec change
Posted By: Jason
Hi. I recently came back to SVUI and I'm pretty sure there used to be an option to choose a profile based on spec. similar to the way gear changes when you change spec. I can have healer bars and unitframes in places when I'm healing and dps bars and unitframes in other places when i'm dps spec. did this feature go away? is i...
File: Bartender406-16-14
Key Binding Font Size
Posted By: Jason
Is it possible to increase the size of the font of the keybind that is displayed on the button? I'm happy to edit the LUA if the addon author (or someone) could point me to the place to do so.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-21-14
SVUI Key Binds
Posted By: Jason
Is it possible to change the way that SVUI shows the keybind information on the action bar? For example, I use "shift-R" for Rupture, but the keybind only shows "S..." on the key. I'd like seeing the keybinds, but i'd prefer if i could represent "shift" as "S-", so that "shift-r" is shown as "S-R" or something similar. Know w...
File: FarmIt01-03-12
Movement of the Currency HUD
Posted By: Jason
I really like the fact that I can track currencies, but the default placement of the HUD is in my way (its where the ELVUI repuation/xp bar is). can you provide simple instructions on how to either move the HUD in game or within the "farmit2_currency.lua" file? Thanks.
File: Dominos09-15-11
key binding clarity
Posted By: Jason
I'd like the key bindings to stand out more, and to do this i'd like to have some ability to change their color or size. what lines in the code would i have to manipulate to do this? thanks.
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper06-17-11
slightly off topic but..
Posted By: Jason
I use this great mod on my Paladin tank and its really helped me quite a bit. As a suggestion, could you expand this to other classes? I have an alt that is an Enhancement Shaman and it would be great to have something like this. thanks for all your work!
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper05-02-11
Originally posted by merlecorey T...
Posted By: Jason
Originally posted by merlecorey Tomorrow night. fantastic, thank you. :banana:
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper05-01-11
Originally posted by merlecorey O...
Posted By: Jason
Originally posted by merlecorey Ok, the good news is that I think I've fixed most of the bad things caused by 4.1. I'll keep working on upgrading rotations for 4.1, though. With this in mind, when do you suppose we can see an update posted here to D/L?
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper04-28-11
Yes. I use it, love it and would lo...
Posted By: Jason
Yes. I use it, love it and would love to see it working again! Insert, dancing banana as a representation of my joy if it works: :banana: Originally posted by merlecorey Wow. You mean there are still people using this addon (aside from me that is)? :eek: I'll try and fix it this weekend. The combat log event change is ea...
File: Angele Dei - tank rotation helper04-27-11
patch 4.1 broke it!
Posted By: Jason
As of patch 4.1 this mod does not "animate" any longer and is broken. any chance of an update?
File: FarmIt03-10-11
Permanently Broken?
Posted By: Jason
Are there more up to date version of "Farmit" that I should be using, or is this project dead? While the addon *basically* works, things like vanishing icons make it painful to use. If i knew anything about coding addons I'd take it on as a project since it's so useful to me, but alas, I dont.
File: VuhDo02-22-11
strange buff ICONS
Posted By: Jason
I'm trying, very unsuccessfully, to show the buffs and HOTs on my frames. However, I get a strange box/triangle overlay over the actual icon for the hot or buff. See here: http://i.imgur.com/R3B2u.png How do i fix that?
File: Grid01-13-11
Posted By: Jason
My guild is on Chimaeron and I'd like to create an indicator for anyone who is currently UNDER 10k health. I am pretty new to Grid so I'm looking for some tips on how to do this. thanks.
File: ElvUI01-07-11
Re: Updating
Posted By: Jason
Originally posted by Imgonnadie Hi there, I was wondering if there is a specific process to updating the UI. I tried deleting the cache and the tukui folders in the AddOn folder, but whenever I log in, it still has recount and the others in the skins menu, and I get an error saying "Interface failed because of AddOn". I'd also...
File: FarmIt12-27-10
Empty boxes
Posted By: Jason
Farmit, the most recent version as of 12/27/2010, forgets the images in the boxes, but the tooltips still show up correctly. any ideas to teach farmit not to forget the images?
File: Shot Glass Raid Frames12-13-10
Re: Re: Is there a way to scale them?
Posted By: Jason
Add this line near the end of the file: ShotGlass:SetScale(2) ... where "2" stands for the scale multiplier. 2 = 200% size. I am not finding this to work. when i set it to 2 or say 1.5, the frame just vanishes from my screen. when i remove the line it comes back.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-03-10
minor changes
Posted By: Jason
I'm trying out the interface but i'd like to know where i can make a few subtle changes: 1. as a shaman it often says "missing earth shield" when any of my shields are down. Where can i find the file to change that text so that it is more meaningful? 2. I'd like to add a focus target bar. I'm ok with editing the LUA, but any...
File: oUF_Hank07-24-10
Eliminate Frames
Posted By: Jason
Hi! I am using your terrific frames but I'm interested in eliminating things like the PET frame and the "targets target target". I've looked through the "config.lua" but since I'm not an experienced LUA person I'm a little at a loss. Perhaps you could tell me the file and line number that I'd need to look for in the config...
File: RealUI03-29-10
Originally posted by Nibelheim Ve...
Posted By: Jason
Originally posted by Nibelheim Version 0.2.0 will still retain Omen as it's functional at present, but will leave out a damage meter and leave that for the user to decide upon, and come with preconfigured settings for Recount and Skada. whoooo!:banana:
File: RealUI03-29-10
feature request then. Drop recount...
Posted By: Jason
feature request then. Drop recount/omen for skada? ;) thanks.
File: RealUI03-29-10
Re: Re: recount to skada
Posted By: Jason
Originally posted by Nibelheim Unfortunately all the panels associated with the Recount/Omen frame (11 panels) are anchored to Recount itself. Terrible design on my part :( Any chance you could tell me how to "un-pop" the recount/omen kgpanel frame so that I could lock it in place and just insert the skada window there? if...
File: Skada Damage Meter03-29-10
Hi. Skada needs a "frame name" so I...
Posted By: Jason
Hi. Skada needs a "frame name" so I can reference it in my kgpanels windows. thanks.
File: RealUI03-29-10
recount to skada
Posted By: Jason
Hi. I've had an ongoing problem with recount where it will just simply stop recording and displaying data. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I've had much better success with Skada and was wondering how tough would it be to substitute it in my install for recount? I am specifically referring to the KGPanels frames that bin...
File: RealUI02-24-10
Great Job
Posted By: Jason
Great Job with the UI, i've been running ver .2 for the day and will soon be raiding on it tonight. So far, everything has been working well. One thing that strikes me is that, as a hunter, the mana number doesn't really stand out enough in White text. I've looked at both KGPanels and Pitbull to see where that text is being gener...