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File: PhanxBuffs11-11-16
For anyone wanting a longer duratio...
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For anyone wanting a longer duration available for the buff timers. Change line 206 in the Options.lua to: local maxTimer = self:CreateSlider(L, L, 0, 3600, 30) This will change the maximum timer to 1h. You can increase the 3600 higher if you want to include longer buffs.
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu05-25-09
Ok so I have been manually editing...
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Ok so I have been manually editing the LUA for the last few releases and I thought i would share the code for the vulnerable mobs in WotLK. As Naxx is included in vanilla wow and OS doesnt have any vulnerable mobs all that is needed is EoE and Ulduar. *Edit* Added TotC Bosses. ---------------------] -- Eye of Etern...