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File: FruityLoots04-21-06
woot update
Posted By: speak
thanks! where are the patch notes? the link above sends me to a page that says You are not the owner,team member or an admin of this portal. :(
File: Bagnon04-18-06
bagnon framexml.log entries
Posted By: speak
hi, i'm gettin the following in my framexml.log, and wondering what's up :) 4/17 22:41:45.484 Loading add-on Bagnon_Core 4/17 22:41:45.484 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Core\Bagnon_Core.toc 4/17 22:41:45.484 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Core\Core.xml 4/17 22:41:45.484 ++ Loading file Interf...
File: Bagnon04-12-06
weird looking alt inv/bank
Posted By: speak
Two screenshots, one of my alt's Inventory and one of my alt's Bank items. I'm on characterX viewing characterY's stuff. Please notice the empty slots shown with Quantity numbers in them. I think stuff is actually IN those slots on that toon. http://my.opera.com/speak/homes/wow/altinv.jpg http://my.opera.com/speak/homes...
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu04-09-06
shows 100% always
Posted By: speak
using latest fubar, performance fubar and regen fubar. never shows my item dur properly, always 100%
File: FuBar - RegenFu04-09-06
it goes on a 2nd bar?
Posted By: speak
it seems to work, but this mod creates an addition bar for some reason. it doesnt go into the fubar wtih teh rest of teh plugins. i'm not using the "compatibility layer" folder of fubar because this has been updated. thx.
File: Scrolling Combat Text04-09-06
"FPS Mode" can you elaborate
Posted By: speak
can you tell us a lil more about "FPS Mode" please? :)
File: TTCraftAddict03-17-06
item sorting ?
Posted By: speak
i'm looking for a mod that will sort items beyond the very limited blizzard sort. sort by item slot mainly. im an enchanter and tailor, and when people ask me "what can u do for X slot" it's very hard to scroll thru so many recipes, looking for those items only. does this mod do that? Thanks ;0
File: Bagnon02-15-06
thanks for the info! sounds like s...
Posted By: speak
thanks for the info! sounds like some good stuff comin down the pipeline :) i did a little more poking around on .20mb/sec mem jump when hovering cursor on the bags. here's what i'm using: goodtip (tooltips follow cursor) ctbarmod ctbottombar (these 2 from ct let u scale/break/move/hide elements of the main bar) auctioneer...
File: Bagnon02-13-06
great start, but not finished :|
Posted By: speak
i'm interested in replacing MyBags since it's out of development (mostly) and this was one of the wowace.com forumer suggestions :) like the previous poster w/ctra, i too need my inv/bank frames ON TOP of *most* elements. the slider feature is good, but doesn't work. sliding it up to HIGH prevents double-clicking the title area...