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File: Nui_CatEXP Ver 1.0112-10-09
Love the design. the big center bar...
Posted By: MrDiBs
Love the design. the big center bar does it for me, because you can place other items on that bar, but the art work bothers my poor vision. Is it possible to use that same design with no art work and and make it glossy black... I assume I could do it myself but I don't have Photoshop or any image editing software, except for Windo...
File: nUI: Spiel Dashboard Skin07-24-09
SKoDA addy
Posted By: MrDiBs
Great looking skin, and very fond of it have question though...what is the addy i see called SKODA if i read it correctly and if possible where to get it...if you don't mind telling us... Thx, and Oh! if i didn't already mention it /Great job!