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File: SLDataText05-01-10
Map button missing
Posted By: Seatrance
Just installed the update-- thank you, btw, but my map button has disappeared-- the one on the minimap that opens the main map. Can't figure out why, but wondered if anyone had an idea of how to get it back. Thanks.
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.01-03-10
I did create a backup of both folde...
Posted By: Seatrance
I did create a backup of both folders and when i reloaded my old UI i loaded them both and still all my macros were gone. Might want to let people know this happens.
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.01-02-10
Posted By: Seatrance
I really liked many things about your UI, but after loading it, I realized that I cannot support the resolution, so I reloaded my old UI, but all my macros have disappeared and apparently been replaced by yours. Is there anyway to get mine back or do I have to try to redo them all?