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File: oGlow08-28-14
Re: Re: Cannot find on Curse
Posted By: Abelius
Dealing with the average user base of Curse just isn't worth the extra hassle. And this add-on only gets updated... like three times a year. :P Hehe... ok, I understand. Will do my homework then. ;)
File: oGlow08-28-14
Cannot find on Curse
Posted By: Abelius
Your addon is great... Please, could you upload it to Curse so I could update it more conveniently? ;) Thank you.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced11-08-10
I'm using v5.11.07, along with Atla...
Posted By: Abelius
I'm using v5.11.07, along with Atlas v1.17.2, AtlasQuest v4.5.0beta and AtlasLoot_AdvancedSearch v1.2. Well... I have a LOT of addons running, so I was asking only to see if that was a well known problem. If it's not, then is my responsability to deactivate some addons and try, until I found out who's the offender. ;) Anyway, I...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-31-10
A little question
Posted By: Abelius
Hello Hegarol, Mind if I ask a question about use? I'm sorry for asking here, but I'm unable to find a solution after some time tinkering with the addon... My "problem" is that after I updated the addon, my default wishlist shows the items ordered by boss, and not by dungeon, which is the method I vastly prefer. Something I'...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-14-10
I don't have lag or disconnection p...
Posted By: Abelius
I don't have lag or disconnection problems... but nothing in the window is clickable anymore. :( I really hope that someone fix this great addon. I don't think I could bear with any other.
File: RatingBuster05-31-10
Strange behavior
Posted By: Abelius
I have a really strange problem... Sometimes (not always) when a tooltip of a piece of gear is showed, some Rating Buster comparison stats slowly scroll to the right side of the tooltip and they disappear! :confused: And when I try to show other equipment, if their stats are the same to the ones that dissapeared, they don't show...
File: Cirk's Badapples - Fan Update05-28-10
I have a question... Since the c...
Posted By: Abelius
I have a question... Since the cross-realms dungeon finder is up, I'm encountering the worst educated people in all my years playing WoW. They must think "Hey, let's be a total as*hole with these people, 'cause I'm not going to see them anymore!". So, it's some way to add them to the BadApples list AND the addon recognizing the...
File: Ludwig05-26-10
Edit: I don't understand how, but i...
Posted By: Abelius
Edit: I don't understand how, but it seems that it has the latest items from ICC. Therefore, I don't think this addon relies on an offline DB. It doesn't make sense. Anyway, I'm happy to have it working. :) Why is it that says "Works with 3.3" and the date is so old. Obviously, if it is an offline DataBase, then it would be supp...
File: Hide Those Titles05-02-10
Very useful. I hope it still wor...
Posted By: Abelius
Very useful. I hope it still works with 3.3.x
File: DuelBlocker09-14-09
Well, in fact I'm going to change m...
Posted By: Abelius
Well, in fact I'm going to change myself that GTFO for something stronger. They fully deserve that... :rolleyes: "Come on, FIVE duel requests in a row? Are you stupid or what??" :mad:
File: Natur Enemy Castbar09-14-09
Sorry but...
Posted By: Abelius
...I have no idea of what this addon it's supposed to do. :confused: Obviously, it must be some sort of CD tracker but, as the description is filled of version info (which could be better put instead in the Change Log), I cannot tell if this is going to be better than other addons. Could you write a brief description of its cap...
File: NPCScan08-31-09
Posted By: Abelius
Hi there, thanks for your addon. It's been very useful to me, but I've got one humble suggestion to make for future versions. It would be great if there could be some way to use a 'tomtom-alike' arrow, to point you in the correct direction because, even if you get the warning, you loss a lot of time trying to locate the exact posi...
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)08-13-09
Re: Re: Yeah, it works.
Posted By: Abelius
Originally posted by acapela yeah, i guess this didn't really cross my mind. every PvE/instance group or raid i have been in since the raid target marker system was available has marked everything (the targets, the tanks, the healer, etc), both to coordinate kill order and to help people identify who is who when everyone/everything...
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)08-03-09
Yeah, it works.
Posted By: Abelius
Hi, Just passing by to say thanks again for your mod and work, and to confirm what you said in the previous post: yes, it is working perfecly when you assign a raid icon to the mobs. Now, there's a lot of people asking me why I assign so many marks at the mobs in the hero dungeons, he he... :p
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)07-10-09
Re: Re: Time to learn spells...? (even now)
Posted By: Abelius
Originally posted by acapela for PvE targets (i.e. NPCs, which may consist of several mobs with visible nameplates, all of which have the same name and level, etc), the addon still requires a raid target icon to be assigned in order to identify nameplates. without that (i.e. without what i call an "identifiable nameplate"), the add...
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)07-03-09
Time to learn spells...? (even now)
Posted By: Abelius
Hello again Acapela, Sorry for not being there when you replied to my message. It's been a long time filled with work, work... and more work at work. :( Anyway, I tried with the xx25 version, reinstalling the two addons from scratch (deleting the previous ones), and erasing the savedvariables files as well. With some effort...
File: Roleplaying Helper 206-14-09
Posted By: Abelius
Well, like I said when Duerma had "Little Mr." :D there's no point poking her head all the time. She needs to take care of her baby and a computer game cannot possibly win over that. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not waiting, as all of you, for this addon to recover. :p There's no one alike, out there. I would do it my...
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)06-14-09
I can't get it to work
Posted By: Abelius
Hello Acapela, here's some feedback... I tried it but didn't worked in my game. Here are the answers to the questions you outlined in the previous posts: - do you have the main Aloft addon installed and enabled? Yes, I have 2.7.8-934 version of aloft base addon. It's enabled, as well the castbar warning addon. - whet...
File: SimpleZoom06-13-09
Thank you
Posted By: Abelius
Nice, small and practical! It couldn't be better. :D
File: Leatrix Latency Fix06-11-09
Posted By: Abelius
I've also tested it with FastPath activated... It dropped to an incredible latency value of 34ms!!!! :eek: So I practically went from 175ms to 35ms with these two easy steps, which is even good enough to kick some ass at FPS's as well in WoW. I cannot understand how I lived without these until now! Thank you! :D