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File: radar11-21-09
Posted By: Rolled
This is perfect for hunters, exactly what I was looking for. Being able to see players vs mobs via a big red blip is just amazing. <333 :D:D:D
File: Dominos08-10-09
Hai, I thought I had figured this...
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Hai, I thought I had figured this out last night but apparently not. Normally I have my mouse scroll button toggle between bars 1 and 2. It seems as though there is a function for this in Dom but it unfortunately is really jerky and half the time scrolling doesn't move it at all. Am I doin it wrong? o.O I went to quick pagi...
File: eCastingBar08-10-09
Believe it or not I would actually...
Posted By: Rolled
Believe it or not I would actually like the outline/background of my cast bar to show even when nothing is being cast. It would be awesome if the text above it that says "eCasting Bar outline." could be hidden. ^.^ :p