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File: GatherSage206-21-10
Thanks for the reply, I will fix th...
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Thanks for the reply, I will fix the records and make a note of any other I find.
File: DropCount06-20-10
Merge ??
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Everytime I log on I get the message "There are 15702 entries to merge......" Then Merged: 0% (5) This happened the first time I logged on after installing, and continues evertime.
File: ArkInventory06-18-10
Is there a way to change all of a t...
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Is there a way to change all of a type of item, say Inks, to fall under the Inscription skill, instead of parts?
File: GatherSage206-13-10
Strange results...
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When I selected Earthroot the Milling info also said "Forest Mushroom Cap" I Will check tomorrow with this newest version. (I want to make sure I didn't have some old code, so I deleted the folder and extracted the new one.) Confirmed....
File: GatherSage206-13-10
Originally posted by weasoug just...
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Originally posted by weasoug just this and ouf, postal, quest guru. a few others hehe, but stange how i can /reloadui with the gsWLK version. but not this. You should be able to use /reload and it will work. The /reloadui is a command added by some addon's.
File: GatherSage206-06-10
I was in Razorfen Downs and when I...
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I was in Razorfen Downs and when I moused over "Fire" the tooltip stated that is was skinnable, and gate a list of leathers. I will try to reproduce this again, just a heads up.
File: PlayerScore / GearScore05-28-10
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In the lastest version, the MinLevel comes up as 80 in the options. I am not able to change this in the options (always reverts back to 80). Older versions were set at 35. I ended up changing it in the SavedVar file.
File: GatherSage205-26-10
Skinning Question
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Is it possible for the skinning results to be displayed "before" the mob is skinnable? In other words list the "chance" of before it has died? I was looking at the front page and noticed that GS should do this, but it does not seam to be doing it at the moment. I will check to make sure it is not a conflict with another of my a...
File: CorpseInfoRedux (Beta Version)05-24-10
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Your link to Cruse does not work, and there is no listing for this addon on their site. Has this been dropped??
File: GatherSage205-10-10
Re: Re: Scrolling text problem
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Originally posted by kellewic I just uploaded another version you can test with. I also fixed the format() issue you pointed out in this test version. This is in the Optional Files tab. I loaded up Auctioneer (the entire suite) and I can't replicate the bug with the version above. I ran this for several hours on my main,...
File: GatherSage205-09-10
Scrolling text problem
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Ok, I started with no addons loaded, then added small groups without having the problem show up. Then I started one at a time, as soon as I loaded Auctioneer-core the problem resurfaced. Now I have gotten the problem without having Auctioneer running, but I need to check to make sure that it was from a clean start. I will try...
File: GatherSage205-09-10
While trying to trackdown the "scro...
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While trying to trackdown the "scrolling text" problem I got this when I had GatherSage2 as the only addon installed. I get it about 80% of the time. --------------------------- Message: Interface\AddOns\GatherSage2\Init.lua:12: bad argument #5 to '_format' (number expected, got string) Time: 05/09/10 17:37:15 Count: 1 Stack...
File: GatherSage205-09-10
Originally posted by kellewic Hmm...
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Originally posted by kellewic Hmmm... I was getting it before this update, but now I can't replicate it. I definitely don't get it with just GS2 enabled. I tested with BagSync, Armory, Auctioneer, Altoholic, and other auction addons I can't remember the names of right now (a few posts down others were mentioned). Does this happe...
File: BasicChatMods05-01-10
Re: Time Stamps
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Originally posted by Kendian Can someone please tell me which/what to edit out of channelnames.Lua, to get rid of timestamps, and yet keep the abbreviated channels names, please?:o:D:):banana: Open the file "channelnames.lue" and look for the line: "-- text = "|cff"..COLOR..lbrack..date(tformat)..rbrack.."|r "..text -- Rem...
File: Recipe Radar04-19-10
With the new map showing the quests...
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With the new map showing the quests, the mapping of vendors is off. I tried this today and it showed the vendor out in the ocean.
File: Quick Repair04-12-10
Downloaded the latest version. It...
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Downloaded the latest version. It would not show up in the addon list until I removed the "-3303" from the folder name.
File: TomTom03-30-10
Originally posted by Taigen I'm n...
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Originally posted by Taigen I'm not able to get the quest objectives integration to work. Alt + Right-clicking on the quests in the tracker just gives me an option from the default UI to reorganize the questframe. What am i doing wrong? Is this the tracker on the main UI, or the tracker on the world map?
File: QuestGuru03-29-10
Love the Map Button.
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Thanks so much for adding the map button. BTW, has the 'hide in combat" always been there, I just noticed it.
File: ArkInventory03-27-10
Re: Re: A quick Question
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Originally posted by arkayenro set the categories they belong to, to hidden. see http://code.google.com/p/arkinventory/wiki/UserGuide_HowTo_HideCategory Ok, but this will hide the entire categorie, I just want the empty slots to not show up when I open the bag. So when I open my bag that has 56 slots and only 10 have something...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic03-26-10
Originally posted by nickyjean Al...
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Originally posted by nickyjean Also having issues Xperl also. The icon is not showing up. If there is a way to make these two play nicely I'd be greatful. Check the options in xperl, look for a box to enable the "happiness icon".
File: QuestGuru03-26-10
Windows closing..
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Originally posted by Rellikcro I am also getting a similar error with QuestGuru. It also auto closes the first quest givers dialog box several times before allowing me to open it.. turn off QuestGuru works fine. If you need the error logs let me know. The closing of quest windows is a Blizzard bug, and has nothing to do wit...
File: ArkInventory03-10-10
A quick Question
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Is there a way to NOT have the empty slots show up in the Bag frame?
File: Altoholic03-10-10
Re: out-of-game access to data
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Originally posted by Cerulean Is there a tool of any sort that would allow the altoholic database file to be extracted into a file that I can browse without being logged in to WoW? With 10 toons on my main server (one with her own guild just for storage) I'd like to be able to do some inventory management and I might.. possibly.....
File: ArkInventory03-05-10
Originally posted by ricks322 Wha...
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Originally posted by ricks322 What I'm looking for is the tab info / message / guild rules that you can see when using the default bank view, while at the bank. Did you ever get a chance to look into this?
File: aTotemBar03-03-10
Re: Re: Can't get a Totem Bar
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Originally posted by Arimis I really need to rework the default settings to take care of this. Unfortunately I won't be able to work on a fix for about 9hrs from now (at work). Ok, thanks. Is it a problem that I Don't use a bar mod?