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File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition05-26-11
I just released it.
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I just released it.
File: Konfer PUG Edition07-07-10
Originally posted by geepgal ......
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Originally posted by geepgal ... (as we prefer to use Need/MS/OS roll tiers in my guild, with different limits on wins for each roll type) Glad you like the addon, thank you :) Not trying to tell you how to run your guild or anything but what is the difference between "Need" and "Main Spec"? Seems to me like you are introducing...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition06-16-10
Re: Will support automatic list position decay (in a few weeks)
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Originally posted by Auraani Is there any kind of time frame yet in which this might be implemented? I LOVE this mod by the way, i think you've done an amazing job with it and we've been using it religiously for a few months now. Thank you for such a nicely created product! Glad you like it :) Its been a labour of love. As for a...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition06-09-10
Re: Control Questions....
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Originally posted by Thoranbrook Can we manually control the list? If we don't do bids or timers but say we do it like... Yes you can. I think its a very odd way of doing business but yes, you can manually suicide people or move them up and down the list.
File: Konfer PUG Edition06-03-10
Re: Timeout extension
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I can certainly add an option to make roll timeout extensions optional, but the announcement stuff is working fine for me in all 3 modes. BTW I am going to make roll timesouts themselves optional too, as some people like to leave it open for as long as there are people interested, and discuss loot ad nauseum over vent.
File: Konfer PUG Edition05-13-10
Re: Thank you!
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Originally posted by thefaeriesgirl I have spend the past hour looking for a loot mod to use for my guild which does not use DKP or any other type of loot bidding system. It's a simple one main spec one off spec item per person in the raid and this is absolutely perfect for what I want the mod to do. Just wanted to post a thank you...
File: Konfer PUG Edition02-18-10
Originally posted by Ratty hi,...
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Originally posted by Ratty hi, I really appreciate it works with German localization and i'm seeing forward for the implementation of tresholf-changes. On EU-Blackmoore its common practice to roll 1-1000 for maingear and 1-100 for offspecc. When its possible to implement that it would help me alot leading pug-raids. It is al...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition02-14-10
Changes in r209
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Fixed importing of SKG and SuicideKings lists. Fixed a Lua aerror that was popping up when you tried to add a new user.
File: Konfer PUG Edition02-09-10
Yes it should work perfectly well i...
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Yes it should work perfectly well in German. One of the features I am adding for the next release is the ability to set the actual thresholds for main spec and offspec rolls to whatever you want. Although I must be honest 99 is a very odd choice but whatever works for you :) Also, if you like the suicide kings loot system my ot...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition02-09-10
Changes in r204
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Removed the online detection code which was causing users to lag out.
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition02-08-10
Changes in r200
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Moved all roll related options, including broadcast message options, to a new rolls tab on the config panel. You can access this with /ksk config rolls. Made off-spec rolls optional. Disabling offspec rolls will only recognise normal /roll or /roll 1-1 to cancel a roll. Added a feature called "suicide rolls". This uses an open roll...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-30-10
Originally posted by Eneswar I ha...
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Originally posted by Eneswar I have a question. You see, we use 3 lists, one for 25 man normal, one for 25 man tier and one for 10 man. Now the problem is we run 2x 10 mans which is led by 2 different persons, and this 2x 10 mans is running on 2 different days, fridays and saturdays. Sometimes the person who is leading the raid on...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-30-10
Originally posted by Eneswar Id l...
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Originally posted by Eneswar Id like a feature where you can regret a suicide, or a history page where it shows what spot the last few persons were on a specific list. /ksk loot - the loot manager window. Big-ass button at the bottom called "Undo" should do what you want :) Keeps history for as long as your wow session is open...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-24-10
Re: Visibility
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Originally posted by jkasquires If I am not the "Admin" of a list does /ksk do anything for me? Or is this just something the person responsible for the Looting need? At the moment when ever I type in /ksk I get no list or loot listings. Just a default frame on both tabs. Yeah it "does something" for you. If your admin broadcasts...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-18-10
Changes in r165
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Added main-spec and off-spec roll buttons to the UI for both admins and normal users. Please note that as these buttons are used for other purposes when bidding, the tooltips for the buttons reflect the usage for bidding, not for rolling. Hopefully the button text is obvious enough that this wont bother people. Minor internal update...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-10-10
Changes in r161
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Fixed a small bug where the Open Roll, Open Bid etc buttons were being enabled for non-master looters.
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-09-10
Changes in r154
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Added /ksk suspend and /ksk resume to suspend and resume normal mod execution respectively. When suspended KSK will not issue missing user warnings, and will not auto-open when a corpse is looted. Typically you want to suspend KSk when you are running a PUG. Fixed a minor error in the German translation. Fixed a bug where /roll was...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition01-08-10
Changes in r150
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Added level filter to guild rank import dialog. Several updates to reflect recent chages to KKore. Added tooltips for most configuration options. Added "End Roll" option when using the open roll tool so that you can end a roll without wiating for the timer to expire if you have the timeout set quite long and all the users hawho ca...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition12-23-09
Need help: German translation
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To any of the German people who use KSK, I am in need of a little help. A kind user partially translated KSK into German but is no longer responding to emails, and I would like to finish the translation before I release the next version, which is now complete and just waiting this translation. If you have the time, and are able to qu...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition12-09-09
Changes in r117
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Changes in r117: Updated for patch 3.3. General code cleanup to reduce wasted memory. Significantly improved UI library code that is much more compact and uses a lot fewer resources. Removed unused strings from translation files. Fixed a problem with co-admins not having their last event set. Fixed status indicators (E for en...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition12-06-09
Looking for beta testers
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Looking for beta testers ======================== I have a new version of the mod which I will be releasing for 3.3. Not only does it add 3.3 compatibility, but it also has a significant number of internal cleanups and small little bugs fixed. I am no longer in a guild that uses Suicide Kings so my testing has been limited to con...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition11-15-09
Originally posted by Eneswar than...
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Originally posted by Eneswar thanks for the update You are very welcome.
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition11-13-09
Changes in r99
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Added suicide undo feature Fixed the /ksk renameconfig command (Hopefully) fixed list position display messages when lists change during looting.
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition11-12-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Updated admin guide
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Originally posted by Zanthor The list is picked automatically by the default list or by item. I've also seen this happen if I change lists and quickly hit the Open Bid button. When a player bids it announced "Bob bid on item at position X" or some such, I don't know the exact verbage... so say on the list thats selected Bob's a...
File: Konfer Suicide Kings Edition11-11-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Updated admin guide
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Originally posted by Zanthor Bug Report: Sometimes when running a bid the list positions report from a different list. For example bidding on an epic item with the epic list shown on the UI shows playerX in 5th place, but when he bids it announces he's in 30th place (which he is, on the Tier list)... I can fix this by changin...