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File: LightHeaded12-19-17
I'm working on an update to pass al...
Posted By: BronzeMoy
I'm working on an update to pass along to Cladhaire in next day or so. Wonderful! Just got back to playing wow and are sorting out all addons and my favorite addon LH wasn't updated for the last content at all... To my great sadness I noticed it wasnt updated for a loong while but then I found this forum post and hope was igni...
File: PetCaught10-02-12
Minimap color
Posted By: BronzeMoy
Hi I love your addon since I like to collect pets. I have a few suggestions though... Mainly its to change the minimap color of the pets. It is always green and I have to stop, mouseover and check if I have it or not. My suggestion is to change the icon color depending on for example: Rarity: Green, Blue, Purple Caught: Gr...