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File: Panther10-23-10
Hey guys. Kitty, awesome UI. Was wo...
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Hey guys. Kitty, awesome UI. Was wondering if anyone on here has tweaked it for a 1920x1080 set up. Forgot to save my settings and gotta tweak everything all over again. :( Btw, wb. :banana:
File: Panther07-25-10
Pet frame panel
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Kittyyyy, MUAH! *loves your ui* Now that I have that out of the way, I love how you set up the unit frames but I need help with one thing. How would I go about adding the panels for my lock pet's frame? I want it to look just like your ToT over your target's frame but I'd have the pet frame over the player frame.
File: EquipCompare06-13-10
Re: Quick update
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Originally posted by Legorol Sorry I haven't been very active on this AddOn lately. I haven't abandoned it, and it still works reasonably well at the moment. Don't despair, I hope to get around to fixing up a few things Soon(TM) :) Thank you. I've been using the mod for awhile. I wuv it. Only just noticed it acting weird. :p
File: Atlas05-22-10
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http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=400 I'm guessing that's the latest version of Atlas?
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Originally posted by datacrypt An...
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Originally posted by datacrypt Anyone use 1920 x 1080? I cant seem to get anything to line up? I'm having the same issues with that res. Great ui tho. <3