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File: SliceCommander10-12-12
Err... WHAT?
Posted By: Methodika
oh man... What you did with this addon? it was perfect and now, with all those icons its ruined
File: Raio X06-11-12
more info
Posted By: Methodika
What about some screen captures or a longer description? and if it is posible , in english, so most of people can understund it.
File: SheepMonitor04-12-12
Posted By: Methodika
is it any posibility to add a way to make a bar go away? i use sometimes sub rogue with glif of sap and i often got 2, even 3 bars when soloing addin a way to makes bar go would be great, may be a shift+right click
File: SliceCommander03-29-12
Posted By: Methodika
How can i help you with translations? Let mo know what do you need translated to esES
File: Minimal Archaeology04-16-11
Conflict with MoveAnything!
Posted By: Methodika
I use the addon MoveAnything! and after downleaded and istalled last version of MA it makes MoveAnything! appear as installed, loeaded but not working at all. I really like your addon, i even made a guide of it for the spanish site http://www.guiaswow.com, but i decided to temporally disable it 'couse i consider more important all t...
File: Ezcc04-06-11
Posted By: Methodika
Is it there any chance of translating this to another lenguage? The addon it's a great idea, unfortunatelly i use spanish version, if you have plans of translating it, you can count with any help with the spanish part, just say it.
File: Faceroller03-17-11
Reset Button
Posted By: Methodika
Is it posible to add a "Reset Button" ? Just to start again with config ( special for dummys like me: mi faceroller frame is gone and i can't find it )
File: ChatBar11-19-10
Posted By: Methodika
I have these errors very often 1x :"ChatBarFrameButton3:OnMouseDown":1: attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value) Locals: --- 1x :"ChatBarFrameButton3:OnMouseUp":1: attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value) Locals: --- I hope this help
File: PlayerScore / GearScore11-18-10
Chat problems
Posted By: Methodika
I don't know why, but after installed last GS version my chat went totally crazy. Sended chat to guild, everybody read it besides me. I even wishpered to myself just to test it, and recieved nothig. Disabling GS fixed my chat problems. Installing the last version doesn't work with this problem.
File: TauntMaster01-27-10
Re: Re: I wish...
Posted By: Methodika
Tested the new update i must to say it works in almost all things. As Paladin i must to say Divine Intervention does not work. A menor issue for me. Thanks for the update and for the addon. As i said before, it's a great idea and finally it works with my spanish client. Keep saved the option "Lock in Place" and the botton hidde...
File: TauntMaster01-24-10
I wish...
Posted By: Methodika
I wish i could say " great addon " or " works very good "....but i can't. I asked you once, telling you: i use spanish client. You said it must by me, some addon i have installed... addon should work fine you said. It still the same. But before i post this, i tried it with some friends, others tank with other clases. It doesn`...
File: TauntMaster12-30-09
Posted By: Methodika
Does it work with the Spanish game version?
File: Titan Panel [Gatherer]08-13-09
solution by the momment
Posted By: Methodika
i turned back to 1.3 version ( 04-19-2009 ) works good, no issues by now. if i see any problem , i will report it here