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File: oUF Lumen11-30-17
hi and hello
Posted By: wakolv
is this still OKAY with the latest patch?
File: TomTom11-14-17
about tomtomlite
Posted By: wakolv
is there anyone who can update it and make it working for 7.3?
File: Class Colored Name Frames!09-07-14
just a request
Posted By: wakolv
can you try to make the portrait use class icons instead? or can you help me make it that way... thanks
File: rClassBars03-27-14
another great addon
Posted By: wakolv
how about about the druid are planning to put it sir? if so, thank you very much in advance more power to you...
File: Ansi Combat Text03-16-14
fontflags not working
Posted By: wakolv
I edited the lua for fflags to thinoutline but its not working... I don't see any outlines at all on the numbers
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]08-21-12
Posted By: wakolv
have you thought of making other colors aswell? i just have a little request if you dont mind make green texture pack pls or just make it class colored if thats possible... grats for this addon its awesome!
File: oUF_Mlight05-12-12
Fantastic UI...
Posted By: wakolv
Yes please share it... 10/10
File: No Combat Text02-12-12
what unit frame do you use in the S...
Posted By: wakolv
what unit frame do you use in the Screenshot w/ class icon on the portrait?
File: shNameplates10-01-11
wtf uber nameplate
Posted By: wakolv
thanks for this wonderful addon. btw may i know what font is used on your combat text posted in screenshot.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]09-12-11
Posted By: wakolv
may i know what font is used on your screenshots? thanks for sharing the addon keep it up.
File: nButtons08-13-11
border rarity
Posted By: wakolv
for some reason the rariry border of items are not displayed properly im using oGlow. its to soft i mean light can you point out where to edit it on lua. sorry im not good at it tyvm in advance great addons you have. /cheers
File: oUF_Real07-12-11
Class colored
Posted By: wakolv
can you help me change to player + target frame class colored w/ the arrows and health % if its possible. thanks in advance hoping you could help me out
File: nExtras07-10-11
Re: chat beautycase
Posted By: wakolv
Originally posted by wakolv theres something wrong with my chat. all works well except for the chatframe. it isnt bordered with something like beautycase. any ideas? do i need to have another chat addon just like nChat coz i use the default chat.
File: nExtras07-10-11
chat beautycase
Posted By: wakolv
theres something wrong with my chat. all works well except for the chatframe. it isnt bordered with something like beautycase. any ideas?
File: LovelyLoot07-08-11
Posted By: wakolv
This is really wonderful gotta love it. Its the best out there. I also like your UI would it be possible to know what Unit Frames and Action Bar are you using?
File: bdChat03-13-11
Combat Log
Posted By: wakolv
Combat Log text tab doesnt auto fade after login. How can i turn it to auto fading?
File: rTimeToDie03-07-11
Posted By: wakolv
is it possible to show only my DPS on it? if so, can you assist me please im not that good editing lua thanks in advance.
File: LazyArch03-05-11
First Blood!
Posted By: wakolv
I love the achieve thing when it completes an artifact but the solve button isnt showing on Arch tradeskill. How can i solve that artifact once completed?
File: oUF Lumen02-12-11
eclipse direction text
Posted By: wakolv
i only have one problem though i really love yours. the eclipse direction text isnt showing. already set it to "true" but theres nothing on it. hope you can help me out here. thanks
File: Sniffles Minimap01-16-11
Posted By: wakolv
Can you add the fps, ms & coords you have on your screenshot please...
File: qComments (weekly)11-22-10
Posted By: wakolv
1st Blood. Finally... Many thanks for this addon i dont have to alt+tab i love questing :P
File: bdActionbars10-22-10
Shapeshift bar
Posted By: wakolv
When i turn myself into a boomy, kitty or bear another action bar is showing and its larger. Looks like blizzards default action bar. i tried it on tree of life but its working properly.
File: oUF_Freeb10-20-10
Overried Blizz Buffs
Posted By: wakolv
Can you put me where can i edit the settings in .lua of your buffs(top right). Its kinda big for me i would appreciate some help. Just want to keep it small perhaps.
File: QuestGuru10-19-10
Posted By: wakolv
Does this query and sync into wow's server and find out what quest havent you done yet?
File: Dyzcypul Quest Query10-19-10
Posted By: wakolv
Nice addon, How does this work sir? Any suggested quest companion pairing this addon. i want to achieve the seeker and afterwards loremaster... im glad if you can help me?