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File: EventHorizon09-06-09
Re: Showing Overkill Buff
Posted By: cinjinta
Originally posted by Barlow Hi there I tried to add the Overkill Buff to EH using this code -- Overkill self:NewSpell({ spellID = 58427, playerbuff = true, requiredTalent = {1,19}, })-- But I can't get it to work. Anyone got an idea, what's wrong? overkill is spell id 58426 if you're talking about the ro...
File: OneBag312-29-05
Re: Nice Addon, but I miss something
Posted By: cinjinta
Originally posted by Viperb0y Hi, this is a very nice Addon! Its Eyecandy and simple to use! But I miss something important: A function to sort the Inventory. I've got many Spaces in my Inventory and its a lot of work to sort them all. Maybe you can implement something like this! Good work :) theres something like that...