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File: OmniCC09-25-13
trinket timer
Posted By: skymani
how to turn off timers for trinkets (it's conflict with other addons)?
File: FaceShooter08-29-12
Hey guys I'm playing WotLK on a pri...
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Hey guys I'm playing WotLK on a private server and I want to use this add on but can't find a link to download it. If any of you have a link can you please give it to me. I'm playing version 3.3.5a of WoW. Thanks in advance http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13739-FaceShooter.html#other
File: Broker_StatsNow02-06-11
main stats
Posted By: skymani
What about main stats (agi,str, etc)?
File: FaceShooter03-25-10
edit FaceShooter.lua for support ru...
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edit FaceShooter.lua for support ruRU: Don?t load the AddOn unless player is a Hunter if lang ~= "deDE" and lang ~= "enGB" and lang ~= "enUS" and lang ~= "esES" and lang ~= "esMX" and lang ~= "frFR" and lang ~= "ruRU" then print("FS: Unsupported language Version - sorry.") return false thanks for fast update
File: FaceShooter03-24-10
Originally posted by Crowfeather...
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Originally posted by Crowfeather If you want to help me localize FS for russian clients you can a) spellcheck the following code and b) give me the russian words in singular form (eg. Beast not Beasts) because thatīs the name used by the client for the whole mobtype. At least it is for the english and german client... FS.L = {...
File: FaceShooter03-09-10
Posted By: skymani
FaceShooter very good addon. Don't work with rus client :( Translate, please.
File: Bluesky Revisited10-16-09
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How send link any item to chat? Standard "shift + click" dont work
File: Bluesky Revisited09-08-09
Posted By: skymani
can't add buttons from standard patel - character,talents,friends and other.Please, help, how do it. And how move panels with character, pet and target. sorry my English)