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File: Aloft12-16-08
Desc. Colors
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Love the mod. Can't read the purple text on the grey background. Thanks for your hard work!
File: LightHeaded11-23-08
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Is there an alternate download location for DoubleWode. The wowinterface.com link doesn't work. :mad:
File: RantTooltip11-19-08
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
It would be great if you could check for the presence of Ace texture resource files and then allow the user to select one for both the health bar and power bar of the target. I just wanted to say, this is the freshest looking tooltip mod to come along in a very long time! Great job! Grimpickle grimpickle.com (GrimPack mod com...
File: MapNotes10-26-08
Add me to this question.
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Originally posted by kaimox I'm afraid I have to leave cartographer. I would consider AlphaMap as a replacement, but it looks huge and seems to be partly redundant with Atlas (which I would like to keep), so I try Mapster at the moment: 1. Does this Addon work with Mapster? 2. If not - does anyone know a similar Addon that wo...
File: zMail09-22-07
Originally posted by glin Great m...
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Originally posted by glin Great mod! :) May I make two suggestions, though? 1) It would be better to check for soulbound items not when picking them up (left click) but when you drop them. The reason for my request is the following: Sometimes when I mail items, I rearrange by inventory a bit in order to get a better overview...
File: Nameplates Modifier02-08-07
Ah gotcha, I knew you had it in ssp...
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Ah gotcha, I knew you had it in sspvp, I just wasnt sure if this mod required it...as I have sspvp already I wasnt sure. Thanks for the response! I'm adding this nice little mod to my mod pack. cheers, Grim
File: Nameplates Modifier02-08-07
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Is SSUI supposed to be included in the .zip? Just curious if you made a mistake or had to change code to get Nameplates working. Thanks, GrimStonemaul
File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-11-06
2.0.4 Problem
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
This version breaks my fubar. The panels are all blank with this ver installed. When I put back the older version, everything shows up again.
File: CandyDice10-02-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Every time I log in a character I get the following: Count: 1 Error: ...\CandyDice\Libs\BabbleSpell-2.1\Babble-Spell-2.1.lua:17: Babble-Spell-2.1 requires AceLocale-2.1 -------------------------------------------------- Count: 1 Error: Interface\AddOns\CandyDice\Racials.lua:3: assertion failed! -------------------------------...
File: ManaPerc09-26-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
What tooltip mod or font are you using? I like the way your spell tooltips look. Very clean.
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu09-26-06
Skill Tracking
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Can you possibly allow us to choose from the FuBar SkillsPlusFu dropdown list a skill to track and have it as the text of the plugin with the value of the skill. I'd like to track my herbalism and be able to glance up and see how far I am. This is mainly because I'm learning it again on a level 60 and not just learning it as I go. Th...
File: FuBar 3.6.508-17-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Cant create a new panel.
File: FuBar - Name ToggleFu08-11-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Please fix to work with FuBar 2.0 Error: Interface\AddOns\FuBar_NameToggleFu\Core.lua:41: attempt to index global `FuBar_NameToggle' (a nil value) Thanks!
File: FuBar - Critter InFu07-08-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Excellent plugin! Replacing PetInfo in my pack with this one. Good work :)
File: FuBar 3.6.505-16-06
Saving settings
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
My settings are not saving properly for any f my characters. I deleted the fubar.lua from the savedvars and set up everything as I liked it in the default mode. Then I logged in another character and made some changes in that characters name mode. Whenever I log in again, things aren't where I left them. Can you add a "force save" c...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu05-11-06
Posted By: GrimStonemaul
Any chance you can make the tooltip automatically sticky with a close button? I know I can detach it like all FUs but it would be so great if this mod had the option to auto sticky. Also, can you extend the max length of the tooltip? If I expand everything it bunches up at the bottom. I play at 1920x1200. Thanks for the great mod...