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File: Atlas Arena08-02-10
It seems adding to the deprecated l...
Posted By: Tilteri
It seems adding to the deprecated list doesn't work. Weird... and yes, I know how to code, but I only did it to see if it'd work. I'm editing the stuff to find a way to fix it for you. Just a generous helping thing. I like coding, but I don't like coding full addons. I'm actually thinking of coding plugins for Atlas myself,...
File: Cartographer07-29-10
I have made progress with the idea,...
Posted By: Tilteri
I have made progress with the idea, as I've already got alot of the stuff done, and now all I need is permission to use both Atlas and Cartographer in my addon, and if I get a yes, then integrate them. After that i'll have to do a few more things, that aren't much but.. yeah... and i've gotten permission to use Atlas, but not Ca...
File: Atlas Arena07-23-10
Awesome new addon. Just one thing....
Posted By: Tilteri
Awesome new addon. Just one thing... can you please let it work with Atlas for pete's sake? It doesn't even show up and Atlas says it's outdated! =O
File: Atlas06-28-10
Thank you so much for picking this...
Posted By: Tilteri
Thank you so much for picking this up, but I have a question: May I use your maps in my addon? My addon is called Map of Azeroth. I want to use the maps from Atlas and the features from Cartographer along with my own ideas. I was thinking it would be a pretty cool idea. After all, having atlas maps in the world map along with c...
File: Atlas05-26-10
I might be picking this up, technically.
Posted By: Tilteri
I might be picking this up technically, as I want to use it in WoWMap. I want to ask Dan Gilbert's permission first anyways. just to be safe. It will be combined with Cartographer, but you can turn Cartographer off if you wish. Please support my idea! I know it's a good one! =D
File: Cartographer05-26-10
I might be picking it up, technically.
Posted By: Tilteri
I'm not really picking it up, but in a way I might be doing that. See, i'm trying to ask ckknight to let me integrate Cartographer into my addon, WoWMap, so that it can be supported. WoWMap will combine Atlas and Cartographer together. The maps will use Atlas textures, and the features will be from Cartographer. The maps will all...
File: Mapster04-28-10
Instance Maps
Posted By: Tilteri
Can someone tell me of a good instance map addon besides Atlas that I can use? Atlas is dead so... can someone give me an idea so I can use Mapster? And I don't want MetaMap.
File: Atlas04-27-10
HOORAY! May Atlas be with you... always.
Posted By: Tilteri
This is awesome.... I was looking at the Atlas forums, and I found that the reason a new map hasn't been released is because they think that everyone knows the instance layout anyways... if that's true, then Atlas isn't dead! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
File: Atlas 3.304-25-10
I'm going to send Dan a private mes...
Posted By: Tilteri
I'm going to send Dan a private message... maybe he can tell me.
File: Atlas03-30-10
I don't understand, why are people...
Posted By: Tilteri
I don't understand, why are people getting so worked up about Atlas not being updated? For one, it was said that he was having real life issues at the moment, and may be having that right now. But second, and this might also be the reason, there is an alternative to the Icecrown Citadel map, known as Atlas 3.3! There's also Atlas IC...