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File: Broker_Currency12-10-10
Re: Re: Valor Points
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Originally posted by Torhal Run this in-game and give me the id number for Valor Points, and I'll add it (I don't have any yet so I can't see the id number) /script for id = 1, 10000 do local name = GetCurrencyInfo(id); if name and name ~= "" then print(("%d - %s"):format(id, name)) end end 396 - Valor Points 391 - To...
File: m_Map11-26-10
I had a similar issue with FPS drop...
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I had a similar issue with FPS drop. In this particular case the conflict seemed to occur with Tomtom (particularly with its ability to show coordinates on the world map). While both mods where showing coordinates, the fps issue was present. Disabling tomtom's ability to display coordinates resolved the framerate drop.
File: oUF_Nivaya06-27-10
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Interface\AddOns\oUF\elements\cpoints.lua:22:attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) When playing a druid the target frame reverts back to Blizzard style and the above message is captured by tekErr. I apologize in advance if this is a fault of oUF and not oUF_Nivaya and Im posting in the wrong thread.