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File: Leatrix Latency Fix10-05-09
ok, next info after my raids.. uld...
Posted By: Yza
ok, next info after my raids.. ulduar 25 : before: (250-2k ms) 14 dc's during whole raid after: ( 50-250 ms) 2 dc's during whole raid toc 25: before: (300-2k ms) many dc's during 1 mob of northerend beasts, + randomly dc ing during other encounters after: ( 50-200 ms) ---> no disconnects <--- (only on...
File: Leatrix Latency Fix09-29-09
who's d boss? Leatrix! :) before...
Posted By: Yza
who's d boss? Leatrix! :) before 150 - 350ms now after his fix 41 - 75(max) ms @ Dalaran (tonz of ppl) i had some lag+dc problems in 25m raids, so i hope this fix it too. Anyway.. thank alot 4 this awsome utility.