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File: LunarSphere10-15-12
O.O Its updated!? ZOMG Thank...
Posted By: Persephanie
O.O Its updated!? ZOMG Thank you so much!!!! I love this addon I was playing with the addon even though a bug was poping up on my screen constantly just because i use this addon for everything. It is amazing and I love it. Now i can love it even more with out bugs
File: LunarSphere10-13-09
Love this UI would not be able to p...
Posted By: Persephanie
Love this UI would not be able to play with out it GREAT WORK :) altho... I know of a fiew UI's that have a hello kitty skin to the buttons an example would be MiniMap Button Frame they have one and i have it I also have WIM's Hello Kitty Skin and i was just wondering :rolleyes: if it might be posable for you to add in the next updat...
File: Hello Kitty Island Adventure10-12-09
:( ::cries:: It doesnt work anymore...
Posted By: Persephanie
:( ::cries:: It doesnt work anymore! WHY DID YOU STOP UPDATING IT!? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-do it! PLEASE?!
File: WIM Hello Kitty10-12-09
Hello Kitty Skin
Posted By: Persephanie
:eek: ZOMG FINALLY! I love hello kitty and i so wished there were more UI's that added Hello Kitty Skins! GREAT ADD! i think it would be great tho too if you added an edit background to it like make it to where you could choose the color like instead of it being pink be purple or blue. just a thought :rolleyes: Still LOVE IT!