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File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]01-26-14
Hmm, actually, re-reading what you...
Posted By: guladrian
Hmm, actually, re-reading what you are saying it sounds like it may have run out of chat windows to use if it has several on the general chat side. Next time you log in have a look through your normal chat frame and see if there is a message about having too many chat frames open to generate a custom one. And also, close down the...
File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]01-25-14
It looks like it has been a bit sin...
Posted By: guladrian
It looks like it has been a bit since work was done on this addon, which used to be one of my favorite parts of nUI+. I have completely reinstalled the game with fresh set of addon downloads, and I still can not get the addon to work. It seems like the info panel doesn't load the guild option for the infopanel button (Map/Recount/Com...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)10-18-12
party Chat issues
Posted By: guladrian
So after a lot of troubleshooting as to why party chat wouldn't show for me, I have narrowed it down to WIM. Is anyone aware of what conflict WIM might be having that would make it so I can't see party chat?
File: TomTom02-18-11
Death Knight Starter Area Load Failure
Posted By: guladrian
Just checking in to see if there is an ETA of a fix for the Death Knight Starting Area. TomTom does not want to load in this section. I have disabled all other addons, deleted wtf, cache and old versions of addon, but nothing works. I have no problem with TomTom except in the DK starter area. Thanks in advance!
File: LightHeaded12-07-10
New Zone Quests
Posted By: guladrian
Quest data for the new quests will not display in game. I am in Vash'jir and the data is on the wowhead website, but no info is displayed in game. I even deleted the old addon info and fresh installed it.