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File: Mouse Combat08-29-12
Haha, damn, has it really been a ye...
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Haha, damn, has it really been a year? What'll be the status of this addon come Mists of Pandaria? Still using it, still loving it to bits. Really can't imagine playing without it at this point. Heh, I'm back to WOW. Addon fixed and works in 5.0.4, will upload after testing soon.
File: Mouse Combat05-03-11
Folji: Thanks for the kind words....
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Folji: Thanks for the kind words. I'm using the same approach from the vanilla, though addon code was completely different that time. Now it is small and simple. Thanks to blizz for the built in mouse move code. I can not imagine myself playing without it -)
File: Mouse Combat01-24-11
Re: Nice addon - but can't get it working
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firemoon77: You should have both Arrays - MC_BUTTONS_LIST and MC_ML_BUTTONS_LIST Class name should be in english, as UnitClass("player") returns local and english name. Try following config: MC_BUTTONS_LIST = { = {}, = {}, }; MC_ML_BUTTONS_LIST = { = { }, = { {"BUTTON1", "/cast Verstümmeln;"}, {"BUTTON2"...
File: xanBuffTimers01-20-11
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Is it possible to use it as self buff display? (by simply changing "target" to "player" in lua)?
File: Mouse Combat10-17-10
Istrebitel: Thx a lot for your feed...
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Istrebitel: Thx a lot for your feedback. (Should I say Spasibo?) 1. KeyDown-normalMode, release mouse ML mode. I'll check if it's even possible with current lua limitations. 2. config file for keybindings would be empty - agree, I think it's a good idea. I'll provide almost empty config and sample file. 3. Buttons like "c", etc...
File: Mouse Combat12-17-09
Originally posted by Saintvallen...
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Originally posted by Saintvallen he likes it cause he hates it so his wow experience is now all new and fun for him because he is now not as awesome as he used to be. LOL. Actually in all games from the quake 1 i hated mess on the display, I always simplified UI in order to get maximum visible field. In this case all actions sho...
File: Mouse Combat12-15-09
Originally posted by ereth This i...
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Originally posted by ereth This is so inpractical and awesome that it becomes wicked! Not sure I understand you. Could you please elaborate?