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File: QuestLevelDisplay10-11-11
It's a modification I made for myse...
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It's a modification I made for myself to Mapster, I added most features of the long forgotten Cartographer addon to it.
File: ShieldBars08-21-11
Re: Disc shields?
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Yes, each active shield will show as its own bar. You can turn the display of shield names on in the text options section.
File: GSE: GearScore Replacement11-27-10
IMO it would be better if the gear...
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IMO it would be better if the gear tab looked kinda the same as in the Armory/Examiner addon, with item icons arranged in the same order around the model frame. It would have the advantage of being easier to inspect because people are used to that layout. Apart from that it looks great.
File: Examiner11-26-10
It seems that mouseover inspects of...
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It seems that mouseover inspects often result with hidden item slots due to the validation check which requires the mouse to still be on that player when receiving the result from the server. But it often happens that this player gets out of mousefocus, or another player getting in the way, or even the inspect window itself becomes...
File: RatingBuster11-21-10
Looks like they changed the tooltip...
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Looks like they changed the tooltip text for haste in 4.0.3 Open LibStatLogic-1.2.lua and add following at line 596 to fix it: = {"MELEE_HASTE_RATING", "SPELL_HASTE_RATING"},
File: PlayerScore / GearScore05-07-10
GearScore 3.1.15
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GS is causing lag and screen freezing, so I decided to examine the code to find out why. This is a small part of what I've found: Frame.xml - line 426+ GS_ExPFrameUpdateCounter = ( GS_ExPFram...