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Originally posted by Kouri That's not really something I would use myself, but what you can do is make a macro with the following: /lc disable party1 /lc disable party2 /lc disable party3 /lc disable party4 And another macro: /lc enable party1 /lc enable party2 /lc enable party3 /lc enable party4 I hope that helps....
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Alright, iam going to ask again, is it possible that you can make an option where i can turn off sertain "CC tracks" in sertain place's? like i dont want party CC in world pvp and in Battlegrounds, but i do want them in arena, Thnx for your time
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gotta say i LOVE ur addon i woulden manage without it ^^ but when i installd the latest version i had problems with understandin what all these thingys where about :S cuz nothing says wich "CC window" is for what, nor who it is for etc, had prolly gonna have to spend 1,5 hour with dueling a mage and draggin guldies to gurbashi ar...