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File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]09-11-13
guild chat doesn't stay locked in right window
Posted By: deLeewit
Hi Xrystal, with the Orgrimmar patch the guildchat window doesn't stay locked in it's right place anymore. Every login it's back on top of the minimap in bottom center of screen. It's not generating any errors for me though. (NUI 5+ is updated for new patch, 5.07.37+) p.s. I disabled guildchat and now the combat log, is doing it....
File: Titan Panel [Recommended Zone]03-17-12
just a curse client problem?
Posted By: deLeewit
I use curse client for updating. I downloaded the version from here and manually installed it. Curse client still thinks I have Is this just a screw up by Curse?, or is there a version number not updated in the files itself:-) I have no idea how curse figures out the version, heheh. Not a big issue:-) thanks fo...
File: nUI Pink Floyd07-01-11
Posted By: deLeewit
It needs version update. Otherwise it's just fine the way it is and can be used with the 'load out-of-date' option set. Or you can try to edit the version # yourself with an editor. Just change 40000 to 40200 in the first line of the .toc file in the addons' directory.
File: nUI Pink Floyd11-21-10
Re: Updated
Posted By: deLeewit
Thanks for the update. I should have checked sooner for it :)
File: nUI: Config [GUI]11-09-10
file naming
Posted By: deLeewit
I'm just curious about the filenaming for the download. I figured out that the first part is a timestamp. But why not "NUI-Config-timestamp". If it's to make it easier for you to track projects, by all means continue doing it:) Just wondering:) Thanks for your enhancements. deLeewit P.S. I saw zygor guide addon has that...
File: nUI Pink Floyd10-16-10
4.01 update
Posted By: deLeewit
It seems to work fine, if the 'load out of date addons' button is checked. But could it be updated, so the button doesn't have to be checked? I run with the button unchecked right now, because a lot of addons are still out of date for the cataclysm update and cause problems. I miss it:(
File: nUI Pink Floyd02-25-10
Thank you
Posted By: deLeewit
It's a very nice non-intrusive skin. As a Pink Floyd fan I sure like this skin:banana: