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File: sInterface06-12-18
Re: :banana:
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How to restore the visibility of command bars in a standard place? When you enter the game, you get an error LUA: Message: ...nterface\AddOns\sInterface\modules\skins\details.lua:121: attempt to index global 'Details' (a nil value) Time: 06/11/18 15:27:50 Count: 1 Stack: ...nterface\AddOns\sInterface\modules\skins\details.lu...
File: rFilter12-10-10
Is there any chance of returning fu...
Posted By: sBaildon
Is there any chance of returning functionality from rFilter2 where icon alpha could be changed depending on combat state? Preferably an option for each icon rather than all of them.
File: Allez UI10-25-10
Originally posted by Allez snip...
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Originally posted by Allez snip Much love, spent a fair amount of time trying to sort this out but to no avail. No donate button? :-)
File: Allez UI10-24-10
Would it be possible to get help mo...
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Would it be possible to get help modifying alUnitFrames? I've combined target auras together (self.auras not self.buff + self.debuff), buttttt, I want debuffs not applied to hostile targets by me to be in greyscale/desaturated whilst everything else (inc. buffs on enemy targets)is in full colour. Thanks for any help.
File: ncChat06-22-10
Just wondering if I could change re...
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Just wondering if I could change reputation text to something different. The default reads Reputation with faction increased by amount I would like it to read faction +amount rep Also something similar with experience/weapon skill would be great too. Thanks
File: oUF_Hank03-26-10
Not something I would use personall...
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Not something I would use personally, but I love the design. Great work.