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File: pMinimap05-22-10
Can this UI hide the voice tab atta...
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Can this UI hide the voice tab attached to the minimapp when I use the ingame voice system and open it~ just like that the cycle I point out...... http://ppt.cc/[email protected]
File: LUI v304-23-10
about language
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I am a TW-SERVER player ,I use V2 for about 2 months Will I meet any language probs after I install V3? something about nameplates or what else....... so appreciated if I get any answers about that btw , sorry for my poor English ..
File: RealUI03-25-10
about " current position "
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nice suit! thx for it! I am a non-English user,after I install it the text below the " current position " was a ? symbol. and I used /SLDT to find out the prob ,still can't find the text setting. I try to find the profile of SLDT to switch the ttf file,but I didn't find it~ anyidea for solving this question???...
File: DocsNameplates03-01-10
same question
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I got this problem since I install the latest version could someone help?? Interface\AddOns\DocsUI\core.lua:248: attempt to call method 'UpdateAttempts' (a nil value) Count: 1 Call Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\DocsUI\core.lua:248: in function `?' ...ade\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:146: in fu...