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File: Garwulf Hunter UI05-05-12
UI will not load right
Posted By: iceman99_fof
OK so I loaded everything and I still seem to have the older WOW bars at the bottom. Reloaded the UI and did all that stuff but nothing I seem to do appears to allow me to load it to look like your screen shot.. Not sure what I am doing wrong. :(
File: Mono UI04-27-12
Ultraxion Boss Button...
Posted By: iceman99_fof
I am sorry to bother you, I am just not very good at modifying the LUA files and dont really want to screw it up as I really enjoy it. But I noticed while using it that the Boss Button was in the lower right hand corner. Where would I go in the LUA to move that to maybe the top/middle of the screen.. Sorry for the stupid question...