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File: Battle Pet Tabs07-26-12
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I love this addon! I can see it becoming hugely popular by release day. Much appreciated =)
File: zz_Friends12-06-10
MiniMap Button
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I shift-clicked to hide it, but...how do I get it back..?
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-13-10
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Can't wait for the 4.0 update ^.^ Thanks for your efforts.
File: Titan Panel06-16-10
Question Marks
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Originally posted by Hellrazor696 I installed the latest version of Titan Panel today and since the update I have white question marks next to some of my plugin names/icons on my Titan bars. I have gone throught the settings and have found nothing thats seems to change this. Anyone have any idea the white question marks are for?...
File: SkillScore05-07-10
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Originally posted by Angrysteel Gear Score does downgrade your score when using pvp gear in pve encounters. Gear Score does look to see if you are hit capped (for dps). Gear Score does look and check if your items are properly enchanted. I dont think any addon can currently check for gems due to API restrictions (this may...
File: BaconScore04-17-10
Originally posted by MidgetMage55...
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Originally posted by MidgetMage55 Being that it is in the Mini Games/ROFL category it should speak for itself. =) The question is whether or not you're just replacing the name of Gearscore with Baconscore, or if this is some other type of score altogether. It's no doubt it's meant to be a joke. If all it does is replace the...
File: PowerSource04-15-10
Beautiful idea, and if it works whe...
Posted By: Twilit Soul
Beautiful idea, and if it works when I get on (which I have no reason to doubt it) I'll love you forever.
File: Leatrix Latency Fix03-16-10
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It really does work =) Just wanted to put this here. I was worried when my computer restarted a bit slower than normal, but I don't think this was the culprit. WoW runs with around 60ms of latency now.